June 2022, Alexandria, VA 22302
"Elena, your dedication and skill has pulled off a miracle and is testament to your business acumen and tenacity you brought to bear in selling my property. So, I would like to express to your future clients that when people search for someone to help them in buying or selling a home, often they overlook the business acumen and industry contacts a particular Agent/broker may bring to the table. In my case, I knew and respected Elena for these attributes and it paid off handsomely as she sold my Townhome way above asking price in just a single day. But it was not over then as the buyer was forced to withdraw their offer. And quickly as that occurred, Elena relisted my home and in just 12 hours had gained another offer equal in every respect to the first including the exact same price! So, it's not luck, it's skill! Elena’s selling process is thorough from start to finish. Her advice and mentoring on how best to prepare for showings is followed up with solid negotiation skills and then reviewing all of the contract T&C’s. She is with you every step of the way right up until closing as she sits next to you while signing. So, when buying or selling a home, having the Best Agent/Broker on your side is a must. Choose Elena, and you can’t go wrong!"