Skyline Square
"There are many agents who can sell themselves and tell you how great they are. You certainly did that. There are many agents who can tell you wonderful stories showing why you should retain them. You did that. But the real test is can they and will they deliver after they get your listing. I have had prior experiences where I was very disappointed with an agent after signing up and would struggle to get them to timely respond to my communications. With you and your team, I hit the jackpot. You were always timely and professional. Your knowledge of the market, local conditions, values and financing was impressive. I quickly learned to trust and rely on your advice and good counseling. I believe it is important to keep a client informed whether it is good news or bad news. You and your team were constantly in touch letting me know when showings were going to take place and with follow ups as to what the potential renters thought of the unit. I could have signed a lease very early after listing with you but you counseled against it as you weren't satisfied with the available information. You were correct and it showed you were looking out for my best interest and not just a quick commission. I do not know what more I could have asked of you and your team. Your knowledge, professionalism, high energy, and passion for meeting my needs and doing the right thing led to a very timely closing of a very successful business deal. It felt like we had been friends for a long period of time. I am sure we will be doing more business in the future and for those in need of real estate services, I will give you and your team the highest recommendation."