"I am grateful to my real estate agent Elena Gorbounova who helped me in purchasing the condo of my dream. Elena was OUTSTANDING in every step of transaction starting from the search and ending in closing. I am sure I was one of the more challenging clients for Elena – I had a narrow price range, yet I was focusing my search in an expensive area … The process seemed hopeless at times as I was not able to outbid other buyers in price, yet I did not want to redirect my search to another area. The months have passed, and my search continued. Many other agents would probably stop working with me and redirect their efforts toward more “profitable” clients. Yet, Elena was always available to me and ready to help. I cannot compliment enough how honest, hard-working, ethical, and kind was Elena in every interaction. When finally the right condo came on the market, we were able to submit our bid quickly. Elena was very professional during the negotiation; we were able to get our offer ratified due to her skill as a negotiator and reassurance that we will do everything right on our side to close on time. We did it! I am thankful to Elena for working hard to help my family to find exactly what we were looking for and in our price range. I am even more thankful to her for being kind and understanding and not giving up on us during this long and at times frustrating process. I would be happy to recommend Elena to any person who is looking for an honest, ethical, and hard-working professional. You can count on Elena’s honest advice, Elena will always keep her word, she will be available for you any time you need it (her responsiveness is amazing!), and she will deliver results! The most important is you will have not only the high level professional on your side, you will have a really GOOD PERSON on your side. Elena, thank you for your hard work! I wish you a lot of success professionally and happiness in your life personally. Both will come to you because you deserve it!"