May 2022, Fairfax, VA
"Thanks to Elena, we are now the proud owners of the perfect home in a beautiful Fairfax neighborhood. We are finally returning to the States and looking forward to moving to our new home, and the children are delighted with their new rooms and their spacious backyard. This place is everything we dreamed of and cannot thank you enough for helping us find it while we were ten thousand miles away in the Far East. We appreciate the time you took to understand our needs and preferences and delivered incredible service in finding such a light and spacious place for us. It is so roomy and comfortable, and it has felt like home from the very first day. We loved that you worked out an excellent deal and are in awe of your efficient and quality service. Words cannot convey how much we appreciate your expertise during the big decision of purchasing a home. It felt daunting at the beginning, but you smoothed the way and explained everything so clearly. You completely exceeded all our expectations, and we are just amazed at your knowledge and experience. We appreciated the fact that you made a big effort to secure an excellent deal on our behalf. You must have known by now that it was your excellent reputation that made us choose you as our realtor, and you did not disappoint in any way. You provided the most professional service, and we are so grateful for your help. Thanks again for everything!"