Skyline Square, 5501 Seminary Rd. #1113S, Falls Church VA 22041
"When I bought my condo at Skyline Square in Falls Church, VA, in 2007, Elena Gorbounova was my agent. I was extremely pleased with all aspects of her assistance to me, the buyer -- particularly since she argued successfully for what amounted to nearly a 5% reduction in the sale price. I lived in the condo for about a year-and-a-half, and on moving again used Elena as my agent to find my first tenant (who stayed about 18 months) and my second tenant (who stayed about 3 years). In both cases, she found outstanding renters. And last, but certainly not least, I just sold my condo -- and you, the reader, already know whom I chose as my agent. Elena, of course. By then, Elena knew my condo perhaps better than I did. (But to be honest, she and her son/colleague Kirill know Skyline Square better than any other agents.) It took Elena about three nanoseconds to make a recommendation on the asking price -- which I accepted immediately. I was not surprised that her recommendation was right on ... Not just because we had two offers (one at the asking price) during the first open house, but also because (as we learned later) the asking price was just below the appraisal arranged by the buyer. Needless to say, it's preferable to have your asking price just shy of the appraisal, as opposed to just over the appraisal (the latter of which can potentially derail a ratified contract). The only thing I regret is that the Zillow review system only allows 5-star (max) reviews. For all that Elena has done for me in such a professional manner over the years, I would unhesitatingly give her 6 stars!!!"