3101 N. Hampton Dr. # 907, ALEXANDRIA, VA North Hampton Place
"Elena was extremely confident and helpful in placing our condo on a rental listing. Her knowledge of the market and renting strategies were evident throughout our relationship. The stamina in finding a tenant exhibited by Elena was a tribute to her dedication to serving the customer. Her friendly demeanor and positive optimism clearly accounted for identifying and securing a tenant within two weeks of signing an agreement with RE/MAX. Simply outstanding! The entire process was in complete control by Elena and she ensured both parties were totally satisfied before our commitment to engage a lease contract. I am confident that Elena will continue communications with us (as we are out of state now) regarding the continuing satisfaction with our decision to lease. Undoubtedly, Elena will be given our trust to sell our property when the market supports such action. I can highly recommend Elena to others who are considering similar actions with their most valuable assets."