Falls Church, VA/ Septemeber 2018
Joseph Creasy "I am extremely pleased to provide this review on the services I received from Elena Gorbournova in the sale of my condominium. Elena had initially sent me unsolicited copies of her yearly marketing calendars over a period of many years. Fortunately, when I recently decided to divest myself of my condo, she was the first person to come to mind, even though we had never spoken to one another. I can truly say that with Elena as my resource, I hit the jackpot on my first and only selection. After contacting Elena and scheduling our first meeting, It was smooth sailing for me thereafter. She literally oriented and educated me on every aspect I needed to know about the sales process and the decision considerations that I needed to make. I felt totally confident in providing her with the free reign to exercise her judgment in doing the job I asked her to do and to reach the objective that we had partnered to accomplished. As I stated, I hit the jackpot with Elena and, I am forever grateful for her integrity, capabilities and overall professionalism throughout the successful conclusion of the sale of my condo. Based my experience, Elena comes very highly recommended!"