Falls Church, VA December, 2018
"Elena Gorbounova just proved she is not only a five-star pro at purchase and sale of real estate but also a five-star pro at finding suitable tenants for rental properties. I had TWO 2-bedroom apartments in the same condo complex come vacant at almost the same time, at an unfavorable time of the year for rentals and in an area with stiff competition for tenants from much newer condo and rental buildings. Elena didn’t take the easy way out and urge me to go with the first prospect who came along. Instead, she insisted on getting “quality tenants,” and she did extensive due diligence to make sure i did not end up with problem tenants barely able to afford the rent and/or with less than satisfactory reports from prior landlords. She also provided valuable guidance on how to improve the presentability and attractiveness of my units. success was not instant but her determined approach paid off with both units being rented within three days of each other. On the basis of my own experience, i can, without hesitation, recommend elena to all landlords seeking tenants, and i have a high degree of confidence that her performance on purchase and sale transactions will be equally stellar"