5505 Seminary Rd. # 1315N, Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline Square
"On December 22 '08, I signed a contract, entrusting Elena with the sale of my Skyline Square apartment. I chose her because I was impressed by her professionalism and knowledge of the real estate field. They took their time to explain to me in detail everything concerning this commitment and kept me informed of any developments. To my great and pleasant surprise, she presented me with a great contract on December 27/08 and on January 21/09 I became a happy seller to the great couple who took possession of my apartment. The whole deal took less than a month! Elena did a wonderful job; I cannot thank her enough for her display of efficiency and the personal touch that was present at all times in our short-lived business relationship. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a high caliber professional in real estate."