Arlington Eclipse
Dear Elena: I wanted to take time to recognize the fantastic job you did in helping me to sell this unit in record time, and above my price expectations! Your advice and support from the beginning to end were outstanding … from analyzing my condo unit features, establishing the comparable sale prices, relating them to the current market trends, and giving me the accurate information to set a good starting point for the sale! What was amazing was all the work you did before the listing went active to pre-sell my unit (including the new “Coming Soon” tool for realtors) that resulted in the first offer from a buyer coming at the asking price, the day the listing was activated …. clearly you exceeded all expectations any seller could ask for, and in addition the buyer wanted to close in 30 days, thereby reducing my effective carrying costs for the closing! From my perspective, your advice and support were perfect in every way … from getting the unit ready for sale to setting the best price, to bringing a pre-qualified buyer on the first day of the listing going active, and having the first offer match the asking price, and closing thirty days later! Truly in all my experience buying and selling seven real estate properties in five states I have never seen anything done as well (or even close) as you orchestrated this condo sale for me! Additionally, I worked as an attorney in VA for seven years, closing hundreds of loans, and you are by far and away the most effective, most knowledgeable, best informed and best communicator of any Real Estate Agent I have ever worked with! The additional element of your service that is so important (but hard to express in a measurement) is that I always felt the presence of your professionalism, your energy, and your commitment to me as a client, that I never had any question or doubt about the success of the effort you were managing for me! It is a great feeling not to have to worry about a transaction taking place hundreds of miles away, and to be able to go sleep every night with total Trust and Confidence! Thank you for assisting me with one of the most successful sales transactions that there could ever be (by all measurements), and for doing it in a way that felt so stress-free, easy, and actually fun!"