3650 S Glebe Rd # 450, Arlington, VA 22202 Eclipse on Center Park
"Dear Elena, Thanks for all your guidance, help, and support in the search for, and purchase of the condo at the Eclipse. In the past twenty plus years I have purchased 7 homes in 5 states, so I have a lot of experience with real estate transactions, with sellers, with buyers, and with agents. Additionally, as a lawyer in Virginia, I have worked with many agents on over 300 real estate transactions. You are by far and away the best agent I have worked with in all these years. Your commitment to delivering value added service to your customers is unequaled in my experience. Your knowledge of the market, your understanding of the transaction dynamics, your mastery of the requirements and rules of the industry and financing processes, coupled with your interpersonal skills (with buyers, sellers, other agents, and lenders) is an awesome package. Your work ethic and ability to anticipate issues and work around them, along with the traits listed above, were extremely valuable in the recent market I found myself in, as you successfully delivered the right answer every time. Your positive and objective approach was both warm and reassuring, but also measured and practical. The best part is I feel I worked with a good person, and made a good friend in the process! I would use only YOU in my future transactions, and would absolutely recommend you to others! Thank you for everything and all the best to you in 2013 and beyond!"