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Success Stories/Reviews/Personal Referral for Elena and Kirill Gorbounov(a)


"I wrote this review 10 years ago, but now 10 years later Elena helped me with another real estate transaction and she is 10 times more excellent. As an anxious perfectionist I have always been uncomfortable looking for a home. However, my home search with Elena turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life. She not only is a professional, intelligent, punctual and caring agent, she is a great friend who makes the most stressful situations seem enjoyable. Thank you, Elena, I wouldn’t have been able to do this without you. So I will be knocking on your door if I ever need help from a real estate broker. "You set my standards so high that I don't think I could ever work with any other agents other than you."

Sima A. Falls Church, VA December 2018


Elena is a pleasure to work with.  She is highly professional, extremely knowledgeable, effective, efficient, proactive and responsive.  She is a tireless advocate for her clients’ interests and is open and honest in all her dealings.  For me, she went above and beyond to overcome countless obstacles and hurdles to get the deal done.  I would recommend her highly and without hesitation.  
Matt S.                                                                     Falls Church, VA, December 2018


279) "Elena Gorbounova just proved she is not only a five-star pro at purchase and sale of real estate but also a five-star pro at finding suitable tenants for rental properties.  I had TWO 2-bedroom apartments in the same condo complex come vacant at almost the same time, at an unfavorable time of the year for rentals and in an area with stiff competition for tenants from much newer condo and rental buildings.  Elena didn’t take the easy way out and urge me to go with the first prospect who came along. Instead, she insisted on getting “quality tenants,” and she did extensive due diligence to make sure i did not end up with problem tenants barely able to afford the rent and/or with less than satisfactory reports from prior landlords.  She also provided valuable guidance on how to improve the presentability and attractiveness of my units.  success was not instant but her determined approach paid off with both units being rented within three days of each other.  On the basis of my own experience, i can, without hesitation, recommend elena to all landlords seeking tenants, and i have a high degree of confidence that her performance on purchase and sale transactions will be equally stellar"


Jay F.                                                 Falls Church, VA  December, 2018

278) "I am extremely pleased to provide this review on the services I received from Elena Gorbournova in the sale of my condominium. Elena had initially sent me unsolicited copies of her yearly marketing calendars over a period of many years. Fortunately, when I recently decided to divest myself of my condo, she was the first person to come to mind, even though we had never spoken to one another. I can truly say that with Elena as my resource, I hit the jackpot on my first and only selection. After contacting Elena and scheduling our first meeting, It was smooth sailing for me thereafter. She literally oriented and educated me on every aspect I needed to know about the sales process and the decision considerations that I needed to make. I felt totally confident in providing her with the free reign to exercise her judgment in doing the job I asked her to do and to reach the objective that we had partnered to accomplished. As I stated, I hit the jackpot with Elena and, I am forever grateful for her integrity, capabilities and overall professionalism throughout the successful conclusion of the sale of my condo. Based my experience, Elena comes very highly recommended! "

Joseph Creasy                                                                                                        Falls Church, VA/ Septemeber 2018


277) I was anxious about selling my Skyline Plaza condo, but Elena seemed so knowledgeable and familiar with the Skyline community that I was reassured. She gave me a thorough lesson in the Skyline community, then asked me to estimate how much my condo should sell for. Because I was so well informed, I guessed the exact price she had chosen! She educated me, encouraged me, and led me by the hand through the process. She even answered a text from me when she was in Russia! Elena sold my condo in one day for more than asking price. She lives, breathes, and eats real estate! 

Emmy Scammahorn                                                     Falls Church, VA 22041/ September 2018


276) "Elena is a stellar listing agent. She approaches every client interaction with enthusiasm and professionalism. She came to our first meeting well-prepared with information to support her recommendations, and approaches negotiations with a great deal of skill and confidence. She also takes care of  her clients-- she lined up painters, photographers, and the cleaning crew. She even brought in items for staging, which is above and beyond the other agents that I interviewed. She works hard, and the energy that she puts into the listing helps build and keep momentum going all the way through to the closing. Thank you, Elena!"

Aria Kirkland-Harris, Alexandria, VA 22302 / August 2018

275) "Elena did a fantastic job in selling our condo.  When we first engaged her, Elena knew the history of our property and what we needed to do to sell. The advice and strategy she provided worked exactly as she described. Elena exceeded our sales deadline and return on investment. She is prompt, reliable and extremely hard working.  Elena was quick to get the property marketed, personally hosting open houses, and kept me notified at each step of the process.  No one is better in the Skyline real estate market than Elena Gorbounova." 

Ben & Monica Money,                                                        Falls Church, VA, August 2017/August, 2018

We bought in 2006 at the absolute peak, right before the housing crisis, 10 years later we were still under water.  After 12 years, we were considering selling but after consulting realtors, we decided against it.  Then we met Elena who initially told us the same details as the others, but was the first to work with us and the first to have a positive view that we can get as much for our place as possible, based on her strategy and market expertise. Elena had the in-depth knowledge about fees and price points which put us in an ideal spot, she even cautioned us AGAINST lowering our price.  The strategy worked and we were relieved to get the sale for the amount that fit our budget.  Working with
was  a true pleasure-- we NEVER felt neglected and she was more responsive than any realtor we've ever worked with.  She also knew how to effectively utilize open houses, and other marketing strategies, and how to effectively utilize staging materials and strategic repairs that wouldn't break the bank.  All led to a successful sale.  Highly recommend.
Neil Reedy, July Falls Church, VA
272) Thank you so much Elena! It has been such a pleasure and you made this whole experience simple and easy for us. We really appreciate it a lot. We do look forward to working with you again in the future!
Elena was super helpful throughout the whole process. She really made it easy for us by explaining everything and checking in on us to make sure everything is good and that we were comfortable. The whole process was so timely and efficient. Elena was professional and is very skilled in the real estate business.
Hoang and Melissa P.     Skyline Square, Falls Church, VA 
271) Elena is a top agent. She found me a renter in less than a month.  She also helped me sell the property to the renters! Elena is an awesome agent who is diligent and determined like no one else I've worked with.  I highly recommend Elena. 
Aleksandra T.     Skyline Square, Falls Church, VA 

270) Kakha and Ekaterine Ingorokva     Skyline Square Condominium in Falls Church Fairfax County VA 22041
Dear Prospective Homeowners: It is our immense pleasure to recommend Elena Gorbunova as a real estate agent for any individual or family searching for the ideal home for their unique situation. 
Elena had an initial meeting with us and took diligent notes regarding our request
.. A master with the contract negotiations, Elena came up with a deal that was good for us and made the buyer happy as well. Throughout this home selling process. She managed to sell our condo for an excellent price, especially in the current market situation.
We found Elena to be a highly attentive agent, almost as if we were her only customers, although we know that was not the case. She returned all phone calls and emails the same day. We never felt neglected or unimportant. She is also highly personable with an engaging personality. Elena was honest about some minor changes that we needed to make in our condo to attract buyers quickly, and her advice worked like a charm.
We are pleased to recommend Elena Gorbunova to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. She is hands down the best in the business in our opinion and if we ever need to move again she will be our first choice in real estate agents. If you want to discuss our experience in more detail please feel free to contact either one of us at 703.344.5127 or by email at
Kakha and Ekaterine Ingorokva     Skyline Square Condominium in Falls Church Fairfax County VA 22041
269) In a true sense of the word, Elena is a real professional when it comes to the matter of sales and purchase of real estate. She truly made herself accessible to answer all our questions and gave us all the assistance we required to close the transaction of purchase of our condo. We believe we learned a lot about real estate transactions during the time of our association. Over the years, we have dealt with a good number of real estate agents in several states and we can vouch that Elena stands out as the perfect model for a real estate profession. She is top quality.2
Hussein A & Shamsa M Hassan     Skyline Plaza Condominium, Falls Church, VA 22041 Baileys Crossroads
268) “I have hired Elena’srealestate services on three occasions My husband and I are so impressed with Elena’ s professionalism, experience 
and knowledge!  She has never disappointed us. She guided us step by step on the sale of our condo. And it happened so quickly; in only two weeks! 
In the past, Elena had found excellent tenants for a few of our properties with equal speed. On our first meeting, she gave us all the information we needed including her analysis of comparable properties and her assessment of the market. But we also appreciated that Elena heard our opinions and our points of view.  She also made herself available to us any time of the day, any day of the week and communicated with us in a prompt manner. Her major asset is her negotiations skills, which are superb.  And she knew how to troubleshoot any issue that came along. She always looked out for our interests and respected our requests. I highly recommend Elena for all types of Real Estate transactions. She will never disappoint you and she will exceed your expectations! Thank you, Elena!"
Auria Makki     June, 2018, Falls Church, VA 22041

"Elena worked so hard work to sell my condo! It is a weight lifted and she made the process easy, understandable, and really fought for me throughout the negotiations! I appreciate Elena's excellent customer service and negotiation skills. Elena truly made herself accessible for questions at any hour of the day and I feel I received an education working with her! Thank you to Elena for helping me to complete the renovation project with confidence and for ensuring I received the sale price reflective of that work! Elena is amazing!" 
Victoria Glick, Seller Skyline House Condominium 3709 South George Mason Drive
903E Falls Church VA 22041 Baileys Crossroads
Mary Pitts, Seller Skyline Square Condominium 5505 Seminary Rd. 114N Falls Church VA 22041 Baileys Crossroads
Elena is an impressive professional. Her get-things-done attitude and and ability to back it up with action produced a quick sale above our asking price. From day 1, Elena used data to provide fact-based advice that gave me confidence in our marketing plan, including but not limited to our asking price and the apartment fixes/improvements essential to the property generating timely offers. She always operated with a sense of urgency, which furthered my confidence that she was going to do everything in her power to make the sale. For example, in order to ready the apartment for pictures and an open house, Elena not only provided me advice regarding reliable handymen and cleaners that I should consider hiring, but she also helped me ensure that they delivered in a timely manner. In summary, Elena exceeded my expectations at all turns and would be my first choice should I need a sales associate in the future!
Rick Collins Seller 5501 Seminary Road 2401S Falls Church VA 22041 Baileys Crossroads

Dear Elena, Thank you so much for helping me with the sale of my condo! 

former agent myself, I did my research before I reached out to you.  After my tenant of 9 years moved out, I decided it was time to sell due to the increasing condo fee and the anticipated rate hike (I have an arm loan).  You helped me with the walk-through of my old tenant since I was away on spring break with my kids.  You assisted with contacting and scheduling contractors to get the unit ready for sale, by the time I came back, it was a completely new unit!  With your guidance, we staged our unit.  Most importantly, your knowledge and insights helped me decide on a magical number to sell the unit which I am happy with and which was very attractive to prospective buyers.  I still can't believe the unit went under contract at asking price in less than one day!  From contract ratification to the settlement, we had some hiccups; for example the buyer's loan and appraisal and the walkthrough items.  But your tough negotiating and quick problem-solving skills saved us at every turn.   I feel really blessed to have found you and would like to express my sincere gratitude for all you have done!  Thank you so very much!!!
Lily Chen     May 2018, Northampton Place Condominium, Alexandria 22302
"5 stars are not enough to express how satisfied we were with the quality of service and negotiation skills we received from Elena. She really knows what she is doing, that is from the conception of us thinking of buying our home until signing and completion of our purchase. Elena patiently walked us through and held our hands through all the process we needed to do. Never a stressful moment since she always makes sure that everything was okay.
With regards to her negotiation, we may say it is Superb! Elena was able to negotiate for us a Total of 10% of the list price resulting with us having more savings than we expected. We highly recommend Elena be your agent if someone is either buying or selling their home!" 
Richelle T. & Erin M.     April 2018, Skyline Square Condominium, Falls Church, Virginia 22041
261) You want someone with the Industry know-how on your side!  I've used Elena's expertise for over 10 years now, And every single time she has produced great results!  Whether it is listing a property or looking for a rental property, Elena has been my go-to Realtor.  She is focused, consistent, and results-driven!  Her knowledge in the field of Real Estate is insurmountable!  Want excellent results in a timely manner?  Call Elena and you will soon find out why she is your best pick for all your Real Estate needs!
Maikan Kone     May 2018, Fairfax, VA 22032
260) "When it came time to sell our father's condo, in Skyline, it was a given to turn to Elena Gorbounova. Her energy and UNWAVERING belief in her ability to sell the property confirmed to us that she had the characteristics to sell our father's condo. Her expertise, perseverance, and resolve turned around a challenging transaction into a sale. Skyline Subdivision is fortunate to have Elena Gorbounova as a member of its' community. We can't thank you enough, Elena!" 
Carlene Seaton & Christine Owens Seaton / Skyline Square, Falls Church, VA   
April, 2018
259) "Elena is terrific! She walked me through the process step by step. She is very professional and very patient. She constantly communicated with me and kept me in the loop every step of the way. I am very happy with the quality of service she provides, her negotiation skills and her ability to anticipate issues and to solve them in advance"
Yousif Barzani     Skyline Plaza Condominium, Falls Church, VA
258) "Elena is very responsible, patient, active and always in a good and happy mood. I have bought 5 condos

between all Agent I had, she has been the best. She is always available with a sense of past participation. I recommend her strongly"
Farhad H.     Alexandria Northampton Place Condominium 22302 February 2018
Dear Elena and Kirill, 
Homa and I would like to thank you so much for all the professional help and support you rendered during this sale process. Like I said the other, we both believe in your skills, abilities, and professionalism in your work. That's why we chose you to handle the sale of our Skyline Square condo. We'll always have in mind when purchasing or selling properties in the DC metro area and would definitely recommend you to family and friends who may need help with a purchase or renting of properties in the future. 
Homa and Jawid     5501 Seminary Rd #314S Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline Square Condominium   January 2018 
256) "This is the second time I have purchased an investment property with Ms. Gorbounova. Elena is very knowledgeable and hard working, making sure the process went through fast and efficiently without a hitch"
Christopher Garrett/ Lakeside Plaza, Falls Church, VA   
December, 2017
255) This is the second time that Elena has helped me. Just like the first time, she exceeded my expectations; she had the place rented with a good prospective tenant within 3 weeks in ... DECEMBER. Although she is busy and successful, I always feel like my property was her main priority. Elena is very professional, courteous, reasonable, and fair. I would definitely use her again for any of my real estate needs and recommend her to my family and friends.
Hoang Do     December 2017
254) Elena Gorbounova and Kirill Gorbounov have worked as agents in my office and I've known them both since 2004. They are highly motivated, professional and top agents in my office consistently serving their clients and surpassing all expectations. Both of them are very knowledgeable, well-organized, good communicators, and liked by everyone they meet. I know from personal experience that they perform their real estate duties in a professional and competent manner and with a cheerful and positive attitude. They continually resolve complex and emotional situations with professional demeanor and wit and they are always with on our RE/MAX Allegiance top producers. They are loyal, have a positive attitude and exhibit a sincere dedication to their job and the clients they serve. Elena and Kirill are self-starters and have outstanding reputations in the real estate community at large. They enjoy my complete trust and confidence. Their honesty and integrity are beyond reproach. I would recommend both Elena and Kirill highly and without reservation.

Brian Block - Managing Broker     December 2017


"My expectations for this team were beyond aggressive- I needed to relocate for work, and I needed to do it within 60 days. To my absolute shock and awe- Elena and Kirill were able to help me obtain a CASH offer within 30 days of listing my home.  They never missed a beat – upholding the highest standards of excellence, professionalism; and most importantly, a positive attitude.  In fact, their mantra was “We will achieve the desired result.”

When you’re going through a stressful life event, you need more than experience and market expertise…YOU NEED HEART and SOUL!!  I am humbled by their compassion and forever grateful for their talent, patience, and support.  My words pale in comparison to the experience you will have when you work with them. Thank you, Elena and Krill!"

Shana Hawkins 3713 SOUTH GEORGE MASON DR #602, FALLS CHURCH, VA 22041 Skyline House Condominium Baileys Crossroads
Dear Elena, 
My wife and I wish to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the exceptional job you did in helping us sell our condominium in record time.....and doing so above and beyond our expectations!  Your advice and support were outstanding from moment one, keeping us informed through every step of the process. Assisting us in establishing the comparable sale prices, relating them to the current market trends, and providing us with accurate information to set a realistic asking price proved that you do your homework before you ever sit down with a potential client.  All of the work that you did before the listing went 
active to pre-sell my unit (including the new “Coming Soon” tool for realtors) that resulted in an offer from a buyer close to our asking price. You exceeded all of our expectations!  Your professional advice and support were perfect in every way. Your assistance in getting the unit ready for sale; advertising the "Open Houses"; Ensuring that a pre-qualified buyer was negotiating with us to purchase our condominium within days; Walking us through each and every step of the "Closing"; My wife and I will never be able to thank you enough for taking us under your wing throughout this pleasant experience.

I am sure that you have heard these words before, but they are worth repeating: Elena, you are the most effective, most knowledgeable, best informed and best communicator of any Real Estate Agent I have ever worked with!  Your commitment to sell our unit in such a short period of time at a fair and reasonable price was never in doubt. Choosing you as our real estate agent was one of the best decisions my wife and I have ever made. We highly recommend you to anyone in need of a knowledgeable, energetic professional, who guarantees her clients satisfaction. My wife and I sincerely hope that you enjoy the upcoming holiday season.
Dave and Donna Khanoyan 3101 N Hampton Dr. 1607, Alexandria VA 22302 Northampton Place Condominium November 2017
Skyline Plaza Condominium Falls Church VA 22041 November 2017
250) "This is my second time having Elena and Kirill sell a property for me.  Elena was able to get a contract on my home in a few days of it going on the market.  Elena used her great negotiations skills to get above asking price for my property.   The whole process went well with no issues on both sides.  I would use them again to sell my home."
Kamilah Williams, White Birch Ct., Circle Woods Subdivision, Fairfax County 22031, November 2017
249)"Elena Gorbounova was our realtor for the rental and sale of our condo at the Northampton. She was terrific!! She is exceptionally skilled in her marketing approach using her own impressive list of contacts. We were so impressed with her ability to anticipate problems and solve them in a professional and expeditious manner. She made the whole process so easy for us keeping us constantly informed, using her legal skills to advise as to contract language, and facilitating the final agreement with skilled negotiations often under difficult circumstances. We are thrilled with the results and highly recommend her and her team. Karen and Ken Ogden"
Karen & Ken Ogden     Alexandria, VA, November 1, 2017
248) Thank you so much - a very remarkable job executing the contract and exceeding all expectation in every possible way - job well
Kwasi & Pokua Ansong     Skyline Square Condominium Falls Church VA 22041     November 2017
247) When we put up our 3-BR condo for sale, the competition was tough, and we expected the property to be on the market for at least 3 months. Thanks to Elena's professionalism, expertise, and tenacity, we sold in less than 5 weeks. Elena priced the property exactly right and ensured through skillful negotiation that we got an offer as close to the asking price as possible. Working with her and Kirill has been a pleasure, and we would gladly recommend them to future sellers and homeowners. 
Sridhar & Lalitha Sundaram     Skyline House, September 2017
Sridhar & Lalitha Sundaram  seller Skyline House Condominium Falls Church 22041





Mr. & Mrs. Morgan     5501 Seminary Rd Skyline Square Condominium Falls Church VA 22041, Sept 2017

245) "Working with Elena on selling my property was a true pleasure. Her honesty, professionalism, and attention to detail are rather commendable. She offered her insight which helped expedite the sale of my condo. I am glad she was my realtor and highly recommend her for any further real estate transaction."
S. Sowwan     Skyline House Condominium, Falls Church, VA 22041, September 2017
244) "Elena is a treasure !.... And everyone should know that! From the time I e-mailed her to the closing day, she was highly professional and master of the process. I bought my first place with her invaluable help and guidance. Her thoroughness is of the highest standard and her preciseness is unmatched. If you choose her as your agent (..and you should...), trust her expertise and advice, they will only benefit you!"
Sonan Kone     Skyline House Condominium, August 2017
243) Thank you for your hard work and excellent service ! You provided us with unique quality service as  you have the ability to anticipate issues and solving them in advance. Your professional service and your attention to details allow us to overcome any challenges and smoothly close on the house. We are very happy with your performance and will recommend you to our friends and peers.
Omnia and Mohamed Elgazzar     Dumfries/Country Club Lake, VA, August 2017

242) "Elena Gorbounova did an absolutely fantastic job selling my condo at Skyline Square. From day one she was constantly working to make sure that my condo was staged to show well. All the ideas she recommended were perfect. She had several open houses to enable many potential buyers to view my unit. Elena is extremely familiar with the area, having sold numerous units in several condo developments. This enabled her to price my unit at a fair price, both for the buyer and for me. She’s a tough negotiator, making sure that the offer we accepted was within what I had wanted. I had already moved out of the area before selling my unit so Elena made certain that she stayed in touch with me to keep me apprised of any developments. This was extremely reassuring since I couldn’t be there in person. Finally, Elena made the entire closing go smoothly and effortlessly. She stayed on top on every requirement to ensure that all obligations were met. Lastly, even though Elena has many clients, she always made me feel that I was her most important client. Without a doubt, Elena Gorbounova is simply the best real estate agent ever!"
Gwynne Harrington     Skyline Square, Falls Church, July 2017

241) My husband and I had a great pleasure of having Elena and Kirill as our Realtors. They are the most honest, ethical, reliable and hard-working people we have ever met. As first time home buyers, we were concerned about the whole process of getting our first home, but Elena and Kirill made the process enjoyable and stress free. By working with that great team, we had an opportunity to preview every Active property through ListingBook which is a Great Tool for buyers and we also learned a lot about the regional sales contract & all possible contingencies. Thank you so much for setting up an account for us through ListingBook. Furthermore, thank you so much for being patient, considerate and understandable of our desires and needs from the beginning. Thank you for responding to our e-mails and phone calls within minutes, for working hard and for being able to do whatever it takes to make us happy and pleased with your work. It happened so, that our first contract fell apart due to the Default of the Seller and Elena & Kirill found another property w/in 24 hours, although the inventory was really down. That property turned out to be even a better deal than the 1st!!! We ratified out contract w/in 48 h. and close our deal w/in 2 weeks. That's what you can achieve, when you work w/ a good team!" "We will stay in touch w/ you guys, because we feel like we didn’t just find great realtors but great friends as well. Thank you so much for all your help. When it comes to selling or buying Real Estate in the future, you are the only realtors we want to work with!
Olya Sukhorukova     Fairfax VA


240) Brilliant realtors. In a buyers market they sold our Herndon, Va. home within 3 days and for much more than the comps in the area and more than it was listed for. They were dedicated, committed, always there for us, resourceful, and incredibly well informed. Their creative approach was uniquely capable in getting us the best price for our home. They are the best realtors we have ever worked with.  Always pleasant. Truly a joy to work with and the most amazing results!!!
Leila M.     Herndon Woods, Herndon VA 20170

239) "Whether you are buying, selling, or renting a home, you will find a tireless and devoted advocate in Elena. I've worked with her for three years now, and been consistently impressed with her responsiveness, attention to detail, clear communication and outstanding results. I also find her positive attitude and energy infectious! You are in great hands with Elena!
Sofia Khilji"

238) "Elena simply rocks - she is the Wonder Woman of real estate. She will sell your home, and do it faster than you can imagine! She is always on the ball, and will answer your e-mails and texts almost immediately. I would give her 10 stars if I could."
Jon Hadidi     July, 2017 , Alexandria, VA 22302

I want to express my sincere thanks for your expertise and high energy in selling my condo.  I am so grateful that you were able to sell my condo in one day! Your overall knowledge of the area and your staging skills are phenomenal.  You were able to anticipate issues and work with me to solve them in advance. Your quality of work, negotiation skills and contract knowledge are 100% on point.  Your professionalism gave me great confidence and trust in you and I was more than satisfied with the entire experience. I wish you well in your future business. I highly recommend your services to anyone looking to sell their property.
Linda Buettner     Skyline Square, Falls Church.  


Karyn Almryde     3705 GEORGE MASON DR #2605S, FALLS CHURCH, VA 22041 Baileys Crossroads 
235) During the sales process of our home with Elena Gorbounova, everything went so smoothly. Our home  was sold within a month; we followed Elena's advice regarding painting and kitchen upgrades which made the condo look great. Elena is very focused and detailed-oriented, and has a wide knowledge of the Skyline area, explaining to us things about the area that we had no idea about, even after living there for eight years.  She knows what she is doing. Thank you,  Elena for negotiating skillfully on our behalf & getting the right price for us.
Dave & Mariluz Gibney     Skyline House Condominium Falls Church Virginia 22041 Bailey's Crossroads 07/02/17
234)It was great working with Elena and her team. She is very professional and knows the market very well. She provided sound advice and guidance throughout the process. With her team's expertise our condo had an executed sales contract in less than a week of being on the market and we closed with no issues in less than 2 months from listing date. We no longer live in the area and her team took care of everything on our behalf. We are very pleased with the quality of service, negotiation skills and overall knowledge of the contract and process from her team.  While we have worked with several realtors over the years in different states we can say that Elena has provided the highest quality of service and  returned the greatest value.  We decided to work with her on this sale as we knew she would deliver and still managed to exceed expectations.  Thank you Elena for taking care of everything!  
Patricia and Alan Scott     3101 North Hampton Drive 1308 Alexandria Virginia 22302
233) "My experience in working with Elena Gorbounova demonstrated that she is the go-to real estate agent for selling property in the Skyline complex.  My family faced the need recently to sell my mother’s unit in Skyline Plaza quickly but for a good price.  Elena was very clear in telling us both how to price the property so that it was neither over- nor under-priced, and also how to stage the property to maximize its appeal to potential buyers.   We followed her recommendations carefully and this paid off for my mother and our family.  Elena was able to secure two offers for us on the first weekend of showing the property (five days after it was listed).   Both of them were at full price, and we were able to accept the one that had the strongest financial backing.   The sales and closing process went forward smoothly.  We were very pleased that we decided to work with Elena, who demonstrated her expertise and professionalism to us.  We can strongly recommend her to other sellers (and buyers) in the Skyline complex. 
Stefan M. Lopatkiewicz"     Skyline Plaza, April 2017


Laura and Christopher Stio     4748 HICKORY NUT PL, DUMFRIES, Montclair VA 22025 PRINCE WILLIAM County
231) "I was looking to sell my place in a very short time-frame, and just thinking about the selling process stressed me out as I had no knowledge or experience in selling properties.  From the moment I first met with Elena and Kirill, they were professional, extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market and the condominium I lived in, and they provided me with all the information I needed to move forward with the prep and sale of my place.  Throughout the entire process they kept me fully informed in a timely manner and I never hesitated to reach out them if I had any questions or concerns.  My place was under contract within a week of being on the market and the closing process was quick and very smooth.  I highly recommend Elena and Kirill, and if I ever bought or sold another place in the area I would definitely love to work with them again.
Darren Cogan"     3101 N Hampton Drive #416 Alexandria VA 22302 Northampton Place Alexandria City


"I am writing this notice in appreciation of Elena Gorbounova, a realtor who represented my wife and I in the recent purchase of a condo.  Throughout every step of the process Elena guided us carefully and unerringly with her expertise and knowledge.  During one particularly trying time when the funds I had requested were delayed, Elena was very supportive and negotiated skillfully with the selling party to get us an extension.  At all times, we found Elena to be upbeat, positive and a fountain of energy.  Her negotiating skills are most noteworthy.
I would most definitely recommend Elena Gorbounova to anyone interested in real estate.  She will provide you the best service available.
The Barelas"     Falls Church, March 2017
229) "I consider Elena Gorbounova to be a highly skilled Realtor. She has excellent communication and negotiation skills; a testament to having acquired a commitment to buy within several days of the open house. Her commitment to accomplish results for her client was always evident in her actions. I would not hesitate to recommend her to others."
Mrs. Rita Jensen     3101 North Hampton Drive 307,  Alexandria, VA, 22302
228) "Dear Elena: It is great to get to know you through this transaction & I want to express my sincere gratitude for your diligent service in the sale of my Skyline Condo in a very short time. Once again THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all you help & guidance."
Colin E. Martinez     January, 2017
227) I thank you for the very professional service and positive attitude you maintained at all times. It's been wonderful working with you. I believe this is the start of a great working relationship.
Landlord Skyline Square Condominium 5501 Seminary Rd Falls Church VA 22041     2017
226) "Elena is an agent that just goes above and beyond the regular duties. Most agents I have worked with just do not provide any additional services besides just listing the property in the MLS. I have to prompt them to do additional activities, such as hold open houses, follow up with potential buyers, and even just visit the property. Elena is a go-getter, she does not sit around and wait for direction from me. She is relentless and smart. She knows the Falls Church/ Fairfax market very well and knows what will get your property sold. My property sold in about 3 months once I started working with Elena. I was working with another agent for five months and believe if I was still with her, the property would still be on the market. Elena is very helpful in offering you honest, real feedback on what needs to be done to get your place sold."
Jennifer Amato Welch     Skyline Square, Falls Church, 2017
225) "I am glad I chose Elena and Kirill to help me purchase a condominium. With their abundant knowledge, experience, resourcefulness, skill, diligence, and kindness, and with their wonderful attitude, they succeeded in making everything happen smoothly and on schedule. They conducted every aspect of the process to perfection and with complete professionalism. They made my goals their own. 
Elena and Kirill are the best, I trust them completely, and when the time comes for me to sell my home, I cannot imagine listing it with anyone else. I would recommend them to the discerning client who seeks the very best."
Sunny from Northern Virginia
224) "I can't give enough praise and positive reviews to Elena and her team. When my last tenants had to break their lease early, Elena jumped in to action and had my condo listed the very next day and started showing it a few days later. She worked tirelessly throughout a two month effort that included about 10 in-person showings and countless inquiries. Once we had solid candidates, Elena and Krill conducted a thorough background investigation, credit check, and all the other due diligence required to ensure I had reputable new tenants. Lastly, Elena treated my new tenants like her clients by answering all their questions/concerns, conducting an in-person final walk-through with them and handling all the final logistics, all while keeping everyone in daily communication with each other. Simply put, I could not have found new tenants for my condo without Elena's tireless efforts. I would recommend her team to anyone. She exceeded my expectations across the board and I will be working with her for years to come."
Landlord in Northern Virginia
223) Elena is the realtor that you can trust and count on to get your property sold. Elena was very thorough during the whole process of selling my condominium. Her attention to detail was great and she put in 110% to get my property sold. Elena dedicated her time and worked like none of the other realtors that I had previously did for my property.   Her effort in closing the deal from beginning to end was fully productive.
Kamilah Williams                                                           Skyline House, Nov. 2016

The transaction and the process were amazing. Your professionalism and attention to detail made everything go far greater than I have ever imagined! This process made me realize it is good to be a homeowner. I got an amazing property at an amazing price. 
Faye McClendon     3101 North Hampton Drive Alexandria VA    October 2016 
221) I recently relocated from Alexandria, VA to California for work and needed to figure out what I was going to do with my condo due to the move. With not too much time before I had to move I contacted Elena based on her excellent record of sales and rentals at Northampton Place Condominiums and I was not disappointed. We discussed options of selling and renting and once I decided to sell Elena was off to work. From staging the condo to coming up with the right listing price to holding open houses and following up with every prospect, Elena was diligent and hardworking in her efforts. Not only did she get a great price when compared to other similar listings on the market, but she was also able to get everything done all the way to closing very fast, making my move very easy. Working with Elena has truly been a pleasure and I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for the best realtor in the area. Thank you Elena!!
Ashish Jotwani     3101 N Hampton Dr. Alexandria, VA     August 2016


Recently I decided to sell my condominium at Skyline Square in Falls Church Virginia.  In preparation, I obtained basic marketing information from several licensed real estate agents in the area.  Each agent was cooperative and knowledgeable; however one stood out as having the most expertise as it pertains to marketing criteria, financing, the law and relationships in the community - Mrs. Elena Gorbounova, Realtor and Associate Broker at RE/MAX  (703.625.7888).
Based upon 40 years of high level managerial experience, I can truthfully state that Mrs. Gorbounova provided outstanding service in a timely manner, and consistently demonstrated excellent skills and total coordination of all parties involved resulting in the successful sale of my condo within 10 days.
With her skills, timeliness and knowledge, I believe she is the best realtor In the area.  This is said sincerely and not lightly from my many years as a successful Executive in Government and in the Private Sector.
Louie Terango,                               Falls Church, Aug. 2016''
219) Elena: the successful closing was a result of your hard work and efforts.  I can not say enough good things about you.  You are a Shinning Star in NoVA.  The last few months working with you has been a fantastic experience - in my whole professional life, I can truly say that you are the best in what you do.  I always felt and knew that you "had my back" and so many times you reassured me.  Although we've only known each other a few months, I feel like you are a dear and trusted friend.  Gee, I am going to miss you.  Lets please stay in touch.  And, if I can ever help you, please do not hesitate to call on me. 
Most Sincerely,
Bradley U.     5501 Seminary Rd #804S Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline Square     July 2016

Bradley U.     5501 Seminary Rd #1209 Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline Square Condo     July 2016

8) "I have been very happy with the efforts of Elena Gorbounova in selling my deceased mothers property at Skyline House Condominiums in Falls Church Virginia.  She had to address some unique circumstances entailing a sale that included both Power of Attorney and Estate Executor authorities and never missed a beat in providing the necessary expertise and smooth transition from one to the other.  She knows her market and her negotiation skills ensured that I got got best price for the condo.  No small matter when considering the buyer was a first-time buyer.  Her contracting expertise and ability to anticipate and resolve potential problems before they impacted the sale made the whole experience painless and glitch free.  She is great at what she does!'
Ted G/ a Happy Seller, Skyline Subdivision Condominium Falls Church 22041     June 2016
217) Elena Gorbounova is a catalyst,change-maker, and someone who closes the deal.  She made it happen for me, selling my unit despite 6 other units in my building that remained on the market for extended periods.  Moreover, she is a dignified professional who truly cares about her clients.  She really made me feel like someone was in my corner throughout every step of what can be a stressful process.  Additionally, Elena offers wise counsel on appropriate price setting, and knows the realities of negotiation.  She is sharp enough to address questions about the contract and advise about practical issues before they become a problem.  Elena is a true success story and can be part of your success story too.  Thank you, Elena.
Maria Makredes     N Hampton Drive  Alexandria, VA 22302     April, 2015 
216) Dear Elena: this thank you note comes with sincere appreciation and gratitude for your outstanding service, integrity and professionalism.
Over the past couple years you have been keeping the Skyline Square owners abreast of the sales and what's happening in the community. I have diligently watched and trended you all these years. Until finally, I felt comfortable and decided to give you my listing as opposed to selling it myself (as the market is a very volatile place these days) - You did not disappoint.... and worth every last penny!
I took all of your advice and within 5 days my apt was under contract! You were patient in dealing with me, skillful in staging the apt and making appropriate recommendations, on point in dealing with the contractors and management and finally, very diligent by working with a trusted settlement company in ensuring that my request to close within the month would happen, thus, saving me lots of unnecessary funds. Your next advertisement should be; "Another sold in 5 days at asking price!" to add to your solid track record in the industry and Skyline area.
All that said - you were a joy to work with, always answered my calls, kept me in the loop and one step ahead of whatever I was thinking or about to do! "Absolute Results" that come with professionalism, proven experience, skills and knowledge.
Karyn Awai     unit 1410N Skyline Square Falls Church 22041 VA     April 2016

Karyn Awai Elena gorbounova client review yourskylineconnection kirill gorbounov
Savoy Park Zane Gill FALLS CHURCH, VA 22041
Zane Gill     FALLS CHURCH, VA 22041     Savoy Park     2/5/16
214) “When choosing a realtor to help me sell my condo in Skyline Square, I looked for someone who had experience with the complex and so could hit the ground running. Elena has extensive knowledge of all the unit plans and knowledge and photos of  the complex's amenities, has good relationships with the staff, and knows the specific procedures and requirements of Skyline.  She is extremely high-energy, works hard for her clients, and is always busy with something--I would run into her unexpectedly often, always working on something but always taking some time to give us an update on what was happening.  She is a strong advocate for her clients, which we appreciated.  In short, I would say that her experience and her people skills made her a great choice for us”
Kate Igoe      Skyline Square Condominium Falls Church 22041     January, 2016  
213) “Working with Elena was a wonderful experience and I am very glad that I chose her to sell my condo. She has a lot of real estate experience and is a very knowledgeable Realtor. Elena is a remarkable negotiator and is able to get the best for her clients and will settle for nothing less, a skill I greatly appreciated. With a difficult buyer, Elena always acted very professionally and showed that she understood the contract and she will stand up for her clients and will get them what is deserved. Elena is the best, she knows what she is doing and will get the results you want. I highly recommend choosing Elena as your Realtor”.
A very satisfied Seller, Lori Bair     January 2016, Skyline Subdivision        
212) I would like to extend my gratitude in working with my RE/MAX real estate agent Elena Gorbounova, during my recent transaction selling my condominium. I had observed her successful transactions in the same community before deciding to ask her to be my agent. I knew she was a highly skilled professional agent and would be able to get my unit sold at not only the highest return, but also be able to adequately negotiate with the buyers to ensure all parties were satisfied with the settlement. Before she had her first scheduled Open House, she had an excellent offer from the eventual buyer. Elena's experience enabled her to anticipate any issues in the transaction and resolve them in an expedient manner. I would recommend her to everyone and will welcome her services again for another transaction in the future.
Hye Suk M Stiles     Skyline Subdivision, VA 22041     January 2016
211) Elena : it has been a rewarding experience to have you as the listing agent for our condo which recently sold. When I first contacted you and discussed listing my property with you and your company REMAX Allegiance I was fully impressed with your response, "yes I am a professional real estate agent".  I soon realized that you had extensive knowledge, not only about the laws governing real estate, but in the location where my property my condo was located! You were a professional agent from the beginning of this transaction to the very end to include settlement.  Your negotiating skills are above excellent and you always display yourself in a professional demeanor.  You would always keep me in the loop by answering my calls and emails promptly.  Elena, thank you so much for a job well done!  I will definitely refer my friends and family to you for their real estate needs.
Allen & Olga Trujillo, Skyline Square, Falls Church  VA 22041     January, 2016
210) We would like to start the year off with a giant "THANK YOU" for your expert guidance & hard work on the successful sale of our condo. 
“Elena Gorbounova quickly distinguished herself from other realtors we spoke with when planning to sell our Skyline Condominium.  Her unique knowledge of the current market was outstanding and proved spot-on.  Elena’s considerable guidance, contractor references and expert staging assistance had our unit on the market quickly and easily.  Her work with the listing, effective advertising, savvy negotiation skills and creativity to quickly resolve issues was absolutely amazing.  We had a full price offer within 30 days of listing, and a successful sale shortly thereafter.   Elena’s energy and focus are second-to-none, and we enthusiastically provide our highest recommendation for her and her team.” 
Vance & Kathy Kane, Skyline Plaza, Falls Church VA 22041     January, 2016
209) For those of you considering contracting with a Realtor regarding a property transaction in the Skyline neighborhood, look no further than Elena Gorbounova and Your Skyline Connection!  I cannot recommend her any more highly than I do.  When making my decision, I interviewed several people from different firms and the choice was clearly the most knowledgeable and professionally qualified person, Elena.  My decision turned out to be the best one I could possibly have made.  Elena is not only highly qualified and completely committed to her clients but also the overall welfare of the Skyline community.  However, for me, the most valued trait that Elena brought to our business relationship was her sincere concern for me and the result of my sale.  She truly cares about getting the best possible outcome for her clients and she makes it happen! Thank you Elena!
Jeanne Oliver, Skyline Square, Falls Church VA 22041     December15, 2016
208) Dear Elena:
Thank you for your efforts on our behalf in the sale of our condo. We greatly appreciated your pricing ad-vice and the close coordination, the teamwork you displayed throughout the process. Your sound business background gave us increasing confidence in you as we proceeded. In the end, your aggressive negotiations on our behalf under the pressure of time enabled the deal to go forward.
Thank you again for so effectively representing us in this transaction.
Fountain and Mrs. Fountain, Skyline Plaza, Falls Church VA 22041     August 26, 2015

207) Elena: I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for your skills in purchasing my new Alexandria townhome in the Stonegate community of Alexandria, VA. During the entire process, which lasted only 9 weeks, you maintained a professional real estate game plan which proved both Accurate in terms of the price offered, as well as effective, in getting the seller to agree to our terms. I must have saved thousands in the final purchase price of the home as well as obtained an exceptionally fine & well-kept property cheaper than any other end unit sold in the community. I truly hope to work w/ you on both; the sale of my townhouse when the time comes for me to move on, but also as a rental agent, if the need arises. Thank you sincerely!

Rob Batten, Alexandria, VA, 22311                                                July 30, 2015

205) As a former real estate sales manager I had many agents to choose from to sell my condo. However, I choose Elena not because we worked together before, but because she was the most qualified agent to sell my condo. Just as you wouldn’t have your friend photograph your wedding day. I needed a professional and a professional is what I got. Elena knows her neighborhood extremely well and has the experience, connections, and ambition to get the job done. We sold less than 2 weeks for full asking price. Thank You Elena for your commitment to providing excellent service!
Jennifer Elledge, 3101 N. Hampton Dr. Alexandria, 22302            July 30, 2015

3101 North Hampton Drive Alexandria VA 22302 condo luxury rent buy sell apartment

204)Elena Gorbounova was absolutely outstanding! I had a contract on my property 60 hours after listing with her / your company. She is the consummate professional! She did an excellent job of concretely showing me that my initial expectations re sales price were unrealistic. I wish my initial realtor had done that rather than wasting over three months of my time. In closing, I can't say enough good things about Elena, and I have already recommended her to a friend who expects to sell her property in the fairly near future.
John McCann, Skyline Square, Falls Church, 22041                    May 2015

203) Elena was so wonderful in all her professional support from the very beginning to the end of this process. I had such peace of mind knowing that Elena was on top of everything, including minor details. I would recommend Elena to anyone.

Philip Ballard, Shirlington Arlington, 22204                                   May 2015
202) My wife & I wanted to buy a vacation property in Skyline Square. We had very specific requirements (3BR, floors4-10) & knew that these were not often offered for sale. Our chances of getting one were further hurt since we live 4 h. away & are usually tied up running two businesses. Luckily we found Elena. She watched the market carefully for us, previewed properties & alerted us as soon as a good property appeared. he guided the transaction through from start to finish & even helped arrange cleaning & other services before we moved in. Without her fantastic work, we never would have been able to buy our perfect property. We would recommend Elena to anyone buying or selling in this market.
Thanks for the great work!
Whitney & Max Schuetz, Skyline Square                                         May 2015

201) Dear Elena: I wanted to take time to recognize the fantastic job you did in helping me to sell this unit in record time, and above my price expectations!  Your advice and support from the beginning to end were outstanding …  from analyzing my condo unit features, establishing the comparable sale prices, relating them to the current market trends, and giving me the accurate information to set a good starting point for the sale!  What was amazing was all the work you did before the listing went active to pre-sell my unit (including the new “Coming Soon” tool for realtors) that resulted in the first offer from a buyer coming at the asking price, the day the listing was activated ….  clearly you exceeded all expectations any seller could ask for, and in addition the buyer wanted to close in 30 days,  thereby reducing my effective carrying costs for the closing!  From my perspective, your advice and support were perfect in every way … from getting the unit ready for sale to setting the best price, to bringing a pre-qualified buyer on the first day of the listing going active, and having the first offer match the asking price, and closing thirty days later!

Truly in all my experience buying and selling seven real estate properties in five states I have never seen anything done as well (or even close) as you orchestrated this condo sale for me!  Additionally, I worked as an attorney in VA for seven years, closing hundreds of loans, and you are by far and away the most effective, most knowledgeable, best informed and best communicator of any Real Estate Agent I have ever worked with!  The additional element of your service that is so important (but hard to express in a measurement) is that I always felt the presence of your professionalism, your energy, and your commitment to me as a client, that I never had any question or doubt about the success of the effort you were managing for me!  It is a great feeling not to have to worry about a transaction taking place hundreds of miles away, and to be able to go sleep every night with total Trust and Confidence!
Thank you for assisting me with one of the most successful sales transactions that there could ever be (by all measurements), and for doing it in a way that felt so stress-free, easy, and actually fun!
Best Regards,
Dave Pethick, Arlington Eclipse                                                           April 2015

200) It was a pleasure working with you!  I will certainly refer you to others for sales and rentals. Please feel free to use me as a positive reference!

Leila     506 FAIRFAX LN, HERNDON, VA   20170 Herndon Woods



199) I wanted to take this moment to thank you for all the work and help you provided with our property on Rock Ridge Rd.

You have been courteous, very professional and it has been a pleasure to do business with you!
Thank you.
Srinivas and Radhika Guntur     12581 ROCK RIDGE RD HERNDON, VA 20170 Hastings Hunt
198) Thank you for all your help.
2220 Fairfax Drive North Arlington VA Park At Courthouse 22201 Yelena Ten

2220 Fairfax Drive North Arlington VA Park At Courthouse 22201
197) I plan to refer anyone in the DC/MD/VA area that I know looking to sell, lease, or buy to you - I really appreciate your hard work!
Victoria     Skyline House Condominium Falls Church Baileys Crossroads 22041 Fairfax County

196) "We would like to use this opportunity to thank Elena and Kirill for all the help and support they provided to us! For the past five years, this is our third time working with Elena and Kirill, and needless to say, that not even once we regretted about our decision to work with these great professionals!  While there are not enough words that can describe how professional but at the same time caring, thoughtful and responsive to their clients' needs they are, we can undoubtedly say that they have been and will always be the best of the best in this industry!  We love them both and can proudly say that while there are no business relations between us anymore, we have become close friends with Elena, Kirill and Kirill’s family and are very blessed to have them in our lives! 

Thank you,




“We are happy we chose to work with you, and if we had to do it all over again, we would choose to work with you once more. Kirill made it all possible for us, smooth, easy, simple and with minimum stress. Thank you so much for being part of all of this!”

“We are so thankful for our blessings and for people like you who come into our lives with genuine care and passion for what they do.
Thank YOU so much for being true professionals and caring people.  
We look forward and embrace this new chapter of our lives; with our new baby in our new home and you were a very important part of making this dream come true.
We will be forever grateful!”
Belkys, Mickel & baby Mickeyla     7213 CAULKING PL BURKE, VA 22015 Longwood Knolls
Longwood Knolls detached single family home7213 CAULKING PL BURKE, VA 22015

194) Thank you, Kirill! As always, Kirill and I are impressed with the high quality of your work and your "Get it done" attitude!
Very Impressive!!!
Olya & Kirill     Country Club View Fairfax 22032

Olga & Kirill Fairfax County single family home purchase
Thank you for your patience and help with our investment property. We really appreciate you.

Withheld     Skyline House Condominium Baileys Crossroads Falls Church 22041 VA
Brooks Skyline House Purchase Condominium Falls Church 22041 VA Baileys Crossroads
192) Thank you for getting me top dollar for my condo in such a short time. You delivered on all your promises and I am happy that I listed with you.
Brewster     5505 Seminary Rd #2502N Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline Condominium
Brewster 2502N Skyline Square Condominium sale Fairfax County Baileys Crossroads 22041 Falls Church
190) I would readily refer any friend/ buyer/ seller to you and Elena.  You are effective and know how to get a job done properly.
Many thanks to Elena and Kirill for their efforts throughout the process. 
Clara Shen     5501 Seminary Rd 1904N Falls Church Fairfax County VA 22041 Skyline Square Condo

189) Dear Elena, Thank you so much for all of your assistance helping to sell my aunt’s condo at Skyline Square.  After reading your background and then meeting you, I did not think twice about enlisting your service.  You know the area better than anyone and are highly involved in each element of the transaction.  You emanate a sense of trustworthiness that makes your client feel at ease and very secure during the entire process.  Your dedication to customer service and satisfaction is evident from the start through closing. 

Working with you on this “Quick Sale” has been a pleasure!
All the best,
Brenda J. Davis     5501 Seminary Rd #2501S, Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline Square Luxury Condominium  
2501S Brenda Davis Skyline Square Luxury Condominium Fairfax County Falls Church 22041 VA Baileys Crossroads

188) "Thanks for everything you did to make the sale and settlement happen so smoothly.  Throughout the process, you made sure that all details were handled promptly and effectively.   Your help is greatly appreciated!
Eleanor Linde"     3701 South George Mason Dr, Falls Church, VA 22041 Fairfax County Skyline Plaza

Elena Gorbounova testimonial review success story seller skyline plaza fairfax falls church va 22041


187) "Elena, I can't thank you enough for the hard work you put in to achieve the sale of my Aunt's condo so quickly.

You have been a true professional during this process and have shown nothing but respect to my Aunt Marie who is so very special to our family.
On behalf of all of Aunt Marie's family- A heartfelt thank you and gratitude.
God Bless You,
Peter Dene"     5501 Seminary Rd #216N Falls church VA 22041 Fairfax County Skyline Square

Ms. Marie the seller of 5501 Seminary Rd 216N Falls Church VA 22041 Baileys Crossroads Skyline Square Condominium

186) Highly Satisfied - I would say that the negotiations were very flexible and I enjoyed working with you guys because the transaction was extremely quick. I know you and your mom is very knowledgeable on the unit/building so I was well informed of everything Skyline-related going into the meeting and walk through. Would highly recommend you to friends/family.

Amrut Pati     5501 Seminary Rd unit 1113S Falls Church 22041 Skyline Square Condos VA

185) "Elena - Many thanks for helping me sell my condo.  I have been through several real estate transactions in the past, and I can enthusiastically say your Professionalism, Skills and Hard work on my behalf made this one the easiest of all.  I was most impressed by the way you got involved without my asking to manage all of the pesky little details that would normally require extra time and effort on my part.  I wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone looking for a tireless, engaged, and skilled real estate agent."
"Elena Gorbounova is the best of the best, as a realtor and as a person. I recommend her most highly."
Zane Gill,
Administrative Law Judge at Social Security Administration, DC


184) Elena is a go-getter. In addition to her expertise in the Skyline market, I hired Elena for three key reasons. First, I value frequent and clear updates, and Elena is always on top of things. Second, Elena's commitment and dedication to a speedy process - it felt like I was her priority. Third, Elena was flexible and understood my situation. As a family with an infant, our hours and availability varied based on our baby's needs. Elena was patient and flexible. I'll definitely work with Elena and her team again!
Aleksandra Trpkovska     5505 SEMINARY RD 1312N, FALLS CHURCH, VA 22041    Skyline Square Condominium


183) I am very grateful to my real estate agent Elena Gorbounova who helped me in purchasing the condo of my dream. Elena was OUTSTANDING in every step of transaction starting from the search and ending in closing. I am sure I was one of the more challenging clients for Elena – I had a narrow price range, yet I was focusing my search in an expensive area … The process seemed hopeless at times as I was not able to outbid other buyers in price, yet I did not want to redirect my search to another area. The months have passed, and my search continued. Many other agents would probably stop working with me and redirect their efforts toward more “profitable” clients. Yet, Elena was always available to me and ready to help.  By this time, we built a deeper connection than just “business” relationship between a buyer and an agent. Elena understood the challenges that I was facing with three small children, and she understood why it was important for me to find a place in the particular area.

I cannot compliment enough how honest, hard-working, ethical, and kind was Elena in every interaction. When finally the right condo came on the market, we were able to submit our bid quickly. Elena was very professional during the negotiation; we were able to get our offer ratified due to her skill as a negotiator and reassurance that we will do everything right on our side to close on time. We did it!

I am thankful to Elena for working hard to help my family to find exactly what we were looking for and in our price range. I am even more thankful to her for being kind and understanding and not giving up on us during this long and at times frustrating process. I would be happy to recommend Elena to any person who is looking for an honest, ethical, and hard-working professional. You can count on Elena’s honest advice, Elena will always keep her word, she will be available for you any time you need it (her responsiveness is amazing!), and she will deliver results!  The most important is you will have not only the high level professional on your side, you will have a really GOOD PERSON on your side.

Elena, thank you for your hard work! We love our new place. I wish you a lot of success professionally and happiness in your life personally. And I know both will come to you because you deserve it!
M. Z.     
182) "Elena, I’d like to thank you and Kirill for your professionalism, patience and persistence through this complicated “Quick-Sale” process for the condo unit. Both of you have helped me keep things in perspective as we worked through the various issues both financial and emotional in regard to the property. Your caring and concern has been very much appreciated."

“Elena and Kirill – The two of you are the commensurate level-headed professionals ... Again I thank you both for your understanding and patience during this process.” and “Kirill – The photos are absolutely FANTASTIC!! Your camera skills are excellent…Again I’d like to thank your agency (You and your Mom) for the skill, professionalism, and patience that has been rendered as I embark on this journey… Your commitment is very much appreciated!!”
Faye McClendon 3101 N Hampton Dr., #901, Alexandria, VA 22302 North Hampton
181) "As an anxious perfectionist I have always been uncomfortable looking for a home. However, my home search with Elena turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life. She not only is a professional, intelligent, punctual and caring agent, she is a great friend who makes the most stressful situations seem enjoyable. Thank you, Elena, I wouldn’t have been able to do this without you. You set my standards so high that I don't think I could ever work with any other real estate agent.  So I will be knocking on your door if I ever need help from a real estate broker. Also, Kirill as a young and energetic partner covering the economic and statistics side of the process is a valuable addition to your capabilities. You are a great team. Thank you!"         "You set my standards so high that I don't think I could ever work with any other agents other than you."

Sima Asgari, PhD     3713 S. George Mason Dr., Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline House
180) Thanks to you and to Kirill for your patience during the purchase. You are really very professional and I will definitely recommend you to my friends.
179) "I had an extremely positive experience selling my condo w/ Elena, whose professionalism and diligence helped make a sale possible within a month. Elena was extremely knowledgeable and kept me informed throughout the process, which began w/ her wise recommendations on preparing and pricing the property to her persistence in closing the deal. W/ her depth of experience in the Skyline area especially, I would definitely advise that you have her on your side when selling your property"

Amelia Wong 5501 Seminary Rd # 2513S, Falls Church, VA22041 Skyline Square
178) "I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for the help that Elena gave me in selling my condo. What impressed immediately during our first meeting were Elena's enthusiasm, professionalism, and knowledge of real estate business and also the current market. She surprised me when she told me that my asking price as too low and that I should set it higher, even though I had a unit that was very small and with a very limited number of prospective buyers. When we got our contract ratified, I understood that she had been right!

I was amazed that during a short period of time we had 5 interested parties without even having an open house and had a contract within thirty days at the given market, the time of year!
Elena was right there for me each step of the way, she supported me above and beyond! During the whole process, I was impressed by Elena's honesty and integrity. She is a GEM, and I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone."
“You are a gem of an agent!”
Steven B. Kruse 5505 Seminary Rd. # 308N, Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline Square

177) This is the second time in 5 years that I have had the good fortune of having a conscientious Real Estate Agent in helping me rent at N Hampton condo.

Elena’s work was timely, accurate, detailed, and she spared no effort in making sure that the task at hand is accomplished in a timely and acceptable manner to both the parties involved. Elena went out of her way in helping with all the steps, advertising, contract, negotiations, pre-agreement arrangements with utilities and condo association, etc.
I am very pleased with Elena’s work and would recommend her agency to friends and associates for all Real Estate transactions.
Ahmad Yusuf     N Hampton Condos Alexandria 22302 VA
176) "Working with Elena and Kirill was very pleasant, informative, fast, and easy. I was extremely impressed with their overall knowledge of the local real estate market and their commitment to their clients. They were very thorough and paid great attention to the details of both of my real estate transactions. They always place their clients in the best possible position for a real estate deal. Within 2 weeks of my calling them, they managed to locate 2 tenants for my vacant condominiums and had the leases ready. Overall, they left a very favorable impression upon me."

Carl Layno Arlington, VA   EOS 21
175) "Purchasing my first condo with Elena was a wonderful experience. Elena is knowledgeable, responsive, and extremely attentive to details. She is a true professional who takes pride in doing the best job possible and looking after her clients' interests. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Elena based on this experience."

"Thanks for all your hard work. I am truly happy with the deal I got on my condo and can't wait for my mother to come up and see it."
Anna Souza     5501 Seminary Rd., Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline Square
174) Elena, Elena, Elena!!! What can I say about this dedicated woman! She truly goes out of her way to get the job done. What I admire and respect the most in Elena is her disregard for the compensation amount. That is professionalism at its best!

She does not rest till the deal is done and it does not matter how many times she has to be contacted by phone, email, or asked to be present on your behalf.
You are a gem and we love your work and hope to have you on our side always!
Kambiz Khalaji 5501 Seminary Rd #2609S, Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline Square
173) I met Kirill when I was looking for a property to rent.  He was extremely helpful and patient as I searched for the right home for me.  His knowledge and professionalism is exemplary and can provide area economic and real estate statistics in an instant.  An exceptional young man to work with.

Mary Anne Bradfield    VA
172) It is priceless to have someone like you that I can trust. Thank you, Elena, for all the good work. Sincerely,
Khalil Rashed     Eclipse in Arlington V----------------
171) Kirill understands his client's needs and does a wonderful job in exceeding their expectations.

Menmar Sadeghi     VA
170) I have known Kirill from our graduate program. He is very outgoing and friendly, willing to reach his hand to anyone who asks for his help. I can really trust to Kirill as a friend and as a realtor. He is very professional and loyal, and smart. He keeps himself up to the market and very informative in his field. I will gladly recommend him, and assure you he is a gem in his field!
Sainsanaa Sandag     Arlington VA
169) Since I have been a lender, Kirill is one of my best agents.....His professional and caring ways make a client's home purchasing process very stress free....I highly recommend him to my clients.
Stephen Carlozzi, Mortgage broker at Blackstone Financial Group
168) Kirill helped us to purchase our first home two years. That was a great experience. Recently my wife and I decided to purchase an income property and again Kirill did an amazing job.
Nurzhan Abenov and Muhabat Abenova     Falls Church VA

167) Thank you so very much for helping us rent our condo.  We were amazed how quickly you were able to find such exceptionally qualified tenants and close the deal.  It could not have gone better!  We also appreciate your professionalism, knowledge of the market and your attention to detail.  Your entire team was incredible.  You made our rental experience easy and rewarding, and we are very grateful.  Thank you.  Sincerely, 
Karen Vagley and Ken Ogden     North Hampton Condominium Alexandria VA 22302
166) It was truly a breath of fresh air, working with Elena, as she is a true professional.  She works relentlessly on ensuring her clients are represented, in every way possible.  Her communication is second to none, which helps to put you at ease, throughout a stressful process, as you know you have someone on your team who is doing everything they can, to make sure your property is getting the exposure it needs. I would highly recommend Elena, as it was truly a pleasure working with her, and her entire team.  The experience was First Class and Five Star!!  -
Dr. Jill Nasir, N. Hampton
165) I would like to first say "Thank you" to Kirill, who not only helped me through my first home purchase, but also guided me through every step of the way. He has a tremendous amount of knowledge and knows how to share that in a way that the average person can understand. He was very patient, with my wife and I when it came to looking for the right home. Once we found the right place, he not only walked us through the steps but also helped us negotiate a price that was in our interest. I highly recommend Kirill, they will get the results you need and also help you understand the process if this is your first time.
Ronald and Nela Senzano     Lafayette Forest Subdivision in Annandale VA
164) Kirill, I wish to sincerely thank you for assisting us so professionally in renting out our unit at Skyline Square while we live in New York City. We' re pleased and indeed impressed with the way you handled the whole transaction! You were able to find a suitable tenant in a timely manner! You earned our trust and confidence! We will be contacting you for all our future real estate needs in NOVA and Washington D.C. area. Many thanks,
A & K     Falls Church (UN Delegate)
163) Dear Elena,
Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your excellent results driven approach! Once again, your team has proven to me that you are in fact ABOVE the crowd! Way to go! This team is the REAL deal! I cannot imagine any other better team!
Thank You!!
~MK~ 4060 Fountainside Ln, Fairfax, VA 22030
162) “I can’t give enough praise and positive reviews to Elena and her team.  When my last tenants had to break their lease early, Elena jumped in to action and had my condo listed the very next day and started showing it a few days later.  She worked tirelessly throughout a two month effort that included about 10 in-person showings and countless inquiries.  Once we had solid candidates, Elena and Krill conducted a thorough background investigation, credit check, and all the other due diligence required to ensure I had reputable new tenants.  Lastly, Elena treated my new tenants like her clients by answering all their questions/concerns, conducting an in-person final walk-through with them and handling all the final logistics, all while keeping everyone in daily communication with each other.  Simply put, I could not have found new tenants for my condo without Elena’s tireless efforts.  I would recommend her team to anyone. She exceeded my expectations across the board and I will be working with her for years to come.” 
Philip C Ballard, West Village of Shirlington/Arlington
161) Dear  Elena and Kirill,
Thank you for  your professional service that you have provided in renting our unit at the Skyline Plaza Condominium.
Throughtout the process, you have been prompt, responsive and professional. Most importantly,  you have provided excellent  real estate  market comps that was a crucial factor in our success in renting  our unit  in less than 30 days.
Serge Bauer, Attorney     Skyline Plaza Landlord.
160) When we moved from VA to CA my wife and I were nervous we would not find a renter for our tiny studio in Alexandria. Kirill and Elena found us a reliable tenant immediately. Unfortunately work pulled the tenant away and the hunt for a new one was conducted while my wife and I were in Europe with very little internet access. Wow! Elena took care of everything (without much help from us, I must admit). I will never trust another agent the way I do her!!
Landlord in Alexandria VA
159) Elena assisted me in locating the perfect condo to rent at Skyline Square. Her consummate professionalism and years of experience were evident at every step. She was in constant communication with me and her advice at every turn was immensely helpful in successfully renting the unit which I was most interested in. She consistently went above and beyond - no issue or concern was too small for her attention and counsel. Thanks for such a fantastic rental experience.
Barbara, Skyline Square, Falls Church, VA
158) There are many agents who can sell themselves and tell you how great they are. You certainly did that. There are many agents who can tell you wonderful stories showing why you should retain them. You did that. But the real test is can they and will they deliver after they get your listing. I have had prior experiences where I was very disappointed with an agent after signing up and would struggle to get them to timely respond to my communications. With you and your team, I hit the jackpot. You were always timely and professional. Your knowledge of the market, local conditions, values and financing was impressive. I quickly learned to trust and rely on your advice and good counseling. I believe it is important to keep a client informed whether it is good news or bad news. You and your team were constantly in touch letting me know when showings were going to take place and with follow ups as to what the potential renters thought of the unit. I could have signed a lease very early after listing with you but you counseled against it as you weren't satisfied with the available information. You were correct and it showed you were looking out for my best interest and  not just a quick commission. I do not know what more I could have asked of you and your team. Your knowledge, professionalism, high energy, and passion for meeting my needs and doing the right thing led to a very timely closing of a very successful business deal. It felt like we had been friends for a long period of time. I am sure we will be doing more business in the future and for those in need of real estate services, I will give you and your team the highest recommendation.
Paul E Williams (JUDGE ASBCA US)     Skyline Square

157) When I bought my condo at Skyline Square in Falls Church, VA, in 2007, Elena Gorbounova was my agent. I was extremely pleased with all aspects of her assistance to me, the buyer -- particularly since she argued successfully for what amounted to nearly a 5% reduction in the sale price. I lived in the condo for about a year-and-a-half, and on moving again used Elena as my agent to find my first tenant (who stayed about 18 months) and my second tenant (who stayed about 3 years). In both cases, she found outstanding renters. And last, but certainly not least, I just sold my condo -- and you, the reader, already know whom I chose as my agent. Elena, of course. By then, Elena knew my condo perhaps better than I did. (But to be honest, she and her son/colleague Kirill know Skyline Square better than any other agents.) It took Elena about three nanoseconds to make a recommendation on the asking price -- which I accepted immediately. I was not surprised that her recommendation was right on ... Not just because we had two offers (one at the asking price) during the first open house, but also because (as we learned later) the asking price was just below the appraisal arranged by the buyer. Needless to say, it's preferable to have your asking price just shy of the appraisal, as opposed to just over the appraisal (the latter of which can potentially derail a ratified contract). The only thing I regret is that the Zillow review system only allows 5-star (max) reviews. For all that Elena has done for me in such a professional manner over the years, I would unhesitatingly give her 6 stars!!!

Keith Oatman (Department of Defense)     Skyline Square, 5501 Seminary Rd. #1113S, Falls Church VA 22041
As a mortgage loan officer, I know hundreds of real estate agents.  I divide these agents into Tier A, B and C, depending on their level of professionalism and real estate knowledge.  I have the privilege of knowing Elena Gorbounova on both a personal and professional level.  As a personal acquaintance, Elena is an extremely positive, kind, generous and loyal friend.  On a professional level, Elena is a Tier A+ real estate agent.  She is responsive, a go-getter and excellent negotiator.  She listens to the needs of her clients and makes them her top priority, no matter whether they are buying a high-priced home or renting a studio apartment.  She treats everyone equally with respect and consideration.  She is the type of agent I would choose if I were buying or selling a home because she knows the real estate market like none other.  She is a super star who is dedicated to her profession!  
Ellen Wilson
Ellen Wilson Mclean Mortgage
Mortgage Loan Concierge | NMLS 591525
McLean Mortgage Corporation
~ Direct Lender Offering You Local Appraisers and In-House Processing, Underwriting & Funding at:
11325 Random Hills Road | Suite 400
Fairfax, Virginia   22030
571.419.6638 | Office
571.419.6688 | E-Fax
703.864.3773 | Cell
156) Thank you for all your hard work getting my condo in Skyline Plaza rented! I appreciated your constant communication and professionalism. You did a great job of screening potential clients and I felt as though you really cared who rented my place.  I feel confidant in using your team in the future if I decide to rent or sell the unit.
Elise Joseph     Skyline Plaza 1304 North

155) Elena and Krill helped us rent out our condo in Skyline Subdivision. We live outside of Virginia and so were not able to be on site to arrange for cleaning, furniture moving, repairs and all the bits and pieces that need to get done to allow for a new tenant to move in. Elena and Krill worked tirelessly over different time zones to help us get a tenant in to the condo and negotiated a good deal on the tenancy for us. Their diligence in getting the job done showed through when a day before the tenant was about to move in, the air conditioning in our apartment sprung a leak and caused the carpet to be stained. Elena immediately got a cleaner in (despite it being Sunday) and thankfully was able to get the carpet cleaned in time for the tenant move in. She even paid for the cleaning out of her own pocket first.

We are very happy with the work and dedication Elena and Krill have put in and highly recommend them.
Clara Shen & Andrew Tan     5505 Seminary Rd 1904N Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline Square

154) Elena,
We would like to thank you for keeping our real estate transaction alive. You and your team went above and beyond to ensure our condo got sold. You have excellent listening skills, patience, creativity, and good understanding of how to deal with your clients. My closet door came off track and I couldn't figure it out how to fix it. To my surprise I arrived home to find the closet door was back on track; Kirill had addressed that issue for me—wow, that’s customer service!
We thank you for helping us have a smooth, fast, and pleasant real estate transaction.
Sherley L & Family     Skyline Square #2214S

153) Your A-Team was Awesome from Start to Finish.  We had some potential tenants with maybe, not sure, or just wasn't ready at the time, you never let me down.  In fact, you continued to push the network channels and made sure we had the right person and the right fit for my rental.  I will continue to recommend you to my friends and family because you definitely get the job done.
Thanks for all you do!!!
Quentin Gilmore     Eclipse on Center Park Arlington VA - 3600 S Glebe Rd #206W


Elena and Kirill, what can I say, you saved me again! You are truly the best and no words can express my and my family’s appreciation to you and to how you worked your magic for what I consider to be one of the most challenging transactions one can go through! I want every one of your current and prospective clients to know this from me:
If you are in the market to buy, sell, consult on property or simply want unbiased and sound advice then you have to do yourself a service by calling Elena and Kirill. I recently closed my 3rd transaction with them, and can say unequivocally they are #1! As a professional, consultant, a client, investor, I am always looking for someone that is aggressive yet professional, has the business and negotiation savvy, excellent communicator, responsive, understands how to handle sensitive and confidential information, and above all good people that are passionate about what they do. Elena and Kirill define these traits, they are true and tested! They work as a great team and know their strengths, Elena defines client service and Kirill is perhaps the most intelligent and knowledgeable professional you can find in this industry. They don’t give up, they will get you the result you want!
Firas Makarem     3101 N Hampton Dr #512 Alexandria VA 22302 NortHampton Condominium
151) We are deeply appreciative of your guidance and perseverance with our property. 
Clara Shen      Skyline Square - 5501 Seminary Rd #1904N, Falls Church, VA 22041
150) You have earned our trust since day one and we look forward to all our business interactions with you. Thank you!
Tony and Ralu     NortHampton Condominium 3101 N. Hampton Dr. # 719 Alexandria VA 22302
149)        Elena Gorbounova having dinner with past client - yourskylineconnection

Spasibo Lenochka za tvoui pomosh (Thank you very much Elena for your help).
Past Client
148) Thank you for your efforts for me and my wife.
Yassir & Karima
147) Thank you Kirill for your patience and kindness.  You have gone above and beyond what's required.

145) I want to thank you for your hard work. I'm very pleased.

Mark     5505 Seminary Rd 1606N Falls Church Skyline Square VA 22041
144) You had our best interest in mind at all times, keeping us updated with market info when viewing places. You were very proactive and punctual.
Satyam Vashi & Nicki Desai

143) I truly feel lucky that it was Elena Gorbounova who took care of selling my property.  She did a remarkable job from beginning to end in a smooth, efficient and professional manner.  She has shown her expertise, excellence, dedication in her field, working on and updating me with all the details and possibilities.  I found her to be caring, compassionate and understanding.  I commend Elena and Kirill, as well, for a job well done.  They are an asset in the business and their success with all their exemplary skills and capabilities.  Once again, thank you for an excellent performance!

“I didn't make the mistake in choosing your partnership as my agent.  Kudos to both of you!”

Melinda U. Dy-liacco     Skyline Square Condomium Unit # 814N Falls Church 22041 VA
142) I could not have been more satisfied with the work Elena and her team did to find a tenant for my condo. I moved from the area for work and was originally working with another realtor, who unfortunately did not work out. Elena stepped in to pick up the pieces and make up for lost time. She immediately posted my property on several sites and kept me apprised throughout the entire process. As you can imagine, trying to manage a property and find a tenant from another city is no easy feat, but Elena made this process fast and easy, while keeping my stress at bay. I would use her again in the future and certainly recommend her to friends.
Elizabeth DeHaven     5505 Seminary Rd unit 118N, Falls Church, VA 22041 Skyline Square Condominium
141) Elena is the best. She helped me to buy the house, and sell it after 5 years of happy life in it. 5 years ago she helped me to find a house of my dream! it was smooth and great experience for the first time home buyer. I had no clue how to proceed. Elena took the time to educate me throughout the entire process including providing power point presentations with current statistics on market trends! She helped to negotiate the price and I got a great deal. Now, 5 years later, we outgrew the house and decided to sell it. Needless to say Elena was the first and the only person i thought of. And i was right. She was relentless as my advocate and agent, resolving problems and ALWAYS protecting me when my lack of knowledge of the process (this was the first property I have ever sold) or issues from the other side might have ended in results that were not in my best interest. She worked with me very closely to clear out any confusion I had and on many occasions and went above & beyond. I was very pleased with her service. Elena was right there for me each step of the way. During the whole process, I was impressed by Elena's honesty and integrity. She has reviewed my house, current market condition and recommended to increase the asking price.We sold the house within several weeks for the full asking price. She is a true Professional, and I recommended her to all my friends and colleagues! And i would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone.
Diana Mirzakarimova     3815 WOODLAWN CT, ALEXANDRIA, VA 22304 Early St Village
140) YourSkylineConnection -
Q:  Guess what your neighbor just did?
A:  Selected the most professional, dedicated, sincere and reliable Realtor team in the Northern Virginia area to represent him on the selling of his condominium here at Skyline Square.
      Elena and Kirill Gorbounova know the realty business extremely well, and are savvy with marketing skills beyond your expectations.  I cannot express enough, the pleasure it has been to work with them throughout the selling process.  This team is highly motivated and will stop at nothing to provide exceptional service.  I have been blessed and most grateful for their loyalty, trustworthiness, support, and friendship.
Kent Gallion     5505 Seminary Rd #914N, Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline Square Condominium
139) "Elena: I still want to say one more time "thank you" for your great work. You have done a hell of a job for me and I want you to know that I am extremely appreciative.  Knowing how you operate and knowing you can be trusted, made me feel very comfortable to go ahead with the whole process . You did an amazing job in every aspect..and that is what we need more of these days ; Honesty, Dedication and High level of Expertise- and you have them all . I am blessed to have you as friend, a neighbor and someone whom I can blindly trust to take care of my business especially when I am far away.
God bless you and please allow Elena to get enough rest and relaxation :-) . You are simply great!"
Khalil Rashed     3101 N. Hampton Dr. # 1108, Alexandria, VA 22302 North Hampton Condominium
138) Dear Elena and Kirill,
"Dear fellow Skyline Residents: The testimonial below was given by me in appreciation for a job well done by the BEST Real Estate Brokers serving our community! I want to share my experience with those who may benefit greatly from using their services. “Your Skyline Connection” affiliated w/ RE/MAX Allegiance brings a wealth of experience to the table & a keen mind for real estate contract negotiation. The result is a timely sale that has been thoroughly reviewed and vetted by Elena & Kirill to ensure the best possible deal for their clients in terms of price and risk mitigation. If you are contemplating a real estate sale, contact Elena & Kirill!
Our Family will miss all of you in the Skyline community as we have many fond memories that we will cherish forever.
Bernard Hachem (703-928-0220)
Dear Elena and Kirill, I thank you from the bottom of my heart on this wonderful experience: selling our condo. You have demonstrated a pleasant and true professional experience throughout this whole process. Your dedication and expertise in Skyline Subdivision cannot be matched by anyone. It was like a dream to have a contract within 3 days; settlement in less than 10 days & to see Funds in our account within 24 hours. You will be the first choice for reference and for business in the future. Recommending you to friends and colleagues is the least that our family can do with a smile in return. May God bless you and multiply your business!
Bernard Hachem     Seller in Skyline Plaza     3705 GEORGE MASON DR #604S, FALLS CHURCH, VA 22041 Skyline Plaza
137)  "Spasibo Lenochka" - "Thank you Lenochka"
Ksenya Belousova     Eclipse on Center Park, ARLINGTON
Happy Client of Elena Gorbounova Eclipse on Center Park  3650 Glebe Rd Arlington
136) "Elena is the greatest. She is very diligent and is the best at follow up.  She sold our property in 3 days. It was great working with you, Elena!!!"
Bernard & Mary     5501 Seminary Rd unit 1008S, Falls Church, VA 22041 Skyline Square
135) "Dear Elena,
Thanks for all your guidance, help, and support in the search for, and purchase of the condo at the Eclipse.  In the past twenty plus years I have purchased 7 homes in 5 states, so I have a lot of experience with real estate transactions, with sellers, with buyers, and with agents.  Additionally, as a lawyer in Virginia, I have worked with many agents on over 300 real estate transactions.  You are by far and away the best agent I have worked with in all these years.  Your commitment to delivering value added service to your customers is unequaled in my experience.  Your knowledge of the market, your understanding of the transaction dynamics, your mastery of the requirements and rules of the industry and financing processes, coupled with your interpersonal skills (with buyers, sellers, other agents, and lenders) is an awesome package.  Your work ethic and ability to anticipate issues and work around them, along with the traits listed above, were extremely valuable in the recent market I found myself in, as you successfully delivered the right answer every time.  Your positive and objective approach was both warm and reassuring, but also measured and practical.  The best part is I feel I worked with a good person, and made a good friend in the process!  I would use only YOU in my future transactions, and would absolutely recommend you to others!  Thank you for everything and all the best to you in 2013 and beyond!"
Dave P.     3650 S Glebe Rd # 450, Arlington, VA 22202 Eclipse on Center Park
134) I was ready to sell my Skyline House condo and was not really happy with the realtor I had been speaking with.  He just didn’t seem eager enough to really get out there and market my property.  One afternoon I pulled my car out of the Skyline parking lot, and I pulled up behind a car with the license plate “Realtor” and a label reading “YourSkylineConnection.Com.” It must have been a sign.  I emailed Elena at 10:30 that evening, and she replied within 10 minutes. 30 days later, my condo was sold and I was moving.  If you are looking to buy or sell anywhere near Skyline properties, call them and sign. Immediately.  Now I am working with them to buy my next home and I am very excited about the possibilities. 
Skyline House Condominium 22041 Falls Church VA
133) This past July 2012, Kirill helped my roommate and I rent a condo in Skyline Square from the owner. He was courteous and very efficient at getting us the information to be able to close this deal. We were very pleased that he was able to help us secure it especially since we were not the only ones who wanted it. I would recommend working with Kirill anytime as he was very knowledgeable of everything and therefore really good at what he does. He was recommended by a friend who bought a condo from him and would recommend him to a friend myself for renting or buying. We are very happy with the place and glad we went with it. 
Lucie Amadou     Skyline Square Condominium Falls Church 22041 VA
132) Elena, I appreciate very much your superior way to do the selling of my condo. Not only you market the property consciously to get results, but also you were in control of the whole process and details. You have a high level of honesty, dedication, and charm and enthusiasm that you generously transmit during the short selling process because you were able to sell my condo in very short time. I will pass my experience of your high professional services to anyone that needs to sell or buy a property. I had contacted many good real estate agents, who could not sell the condo, but you did it, and I conclude that your commitment to helping your clients is unique. I am a happy client.
Sincerely, Ivonne     Skyline House Condominium
131) Elena was an absolute pleasure to work with!  With regards to the quality of service she provides, there is absolutely no room for improvement.  She was extraordinarily professional, thorough, and proactive in her communication. I most enjoyed Elena's enthusiasm and energy!  She has my sincere gratitude for her cooperation and willingness during the relocation home sale process.
Erin Bellemeur, CRP. TheMIGroup (a relocation company)     Northampton condominium Alexandria 22302 VA
130) Elena, 
Dee and I could not be more grateful for your hard work and professionalism in selling our condo st North Hampton Place. In spite of the fact that we were not there during the preparation, marketing, and very fast sale/closing of the condo, you did it all. Communications were critical since we were not there and you kept us informed in real time and offered great and astute advice.
We would highly recommend you to anyone planning to sell a property.and we cannot thank you enough for all that you did for us. We knew that the condo resale market was difficult, but your vast knowledge and experience made our resale happen without any problem.
We are truly thankful,
Terry & Dee     3101 N. Hampton Dr. # 911, Alexandria, VA 22302
129) Thank you and Elena for finding me a tenant so quickly. Good working with you, as always.
Landlord     WestEnd Condominium, Alexandria VA
128) "Elena is the Most Professional+Competent Real Estate Professional I have worked with. It was a pleasure working with her. She was SUPERB in keeping me abreast of every step of the Process".
Bill Bryant     5501 Seminary Rd #1512S Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline Square Condominium
127) Кирилл!
Огромное спасибо! Мы очень довольны тем, что встретили Вас и нашли эту квартиру. Все просто СУПЕР! 

Huge thank you! We are very satisfied that we met and you found us our condo. Everything is just EXCELLENT!
Stanislav Yezhov & Yulia Miroshnikova, Ukranian Embassy
126) "Thank you for your work on Jai's and my behalf".
Han Swyter     5501 Seminary Rd #2111S Skyline Square Falls Church 22041 VA Condominium
125) A big big thank you, I still remember the day when I called Kirill for the first time when we were starting the search for our 1st home. It was the biggest deal to us to get the perfect place. Kirill understood our emotions exactly and helped us in every possible way.
Right from the loan officer to the home inspector to the settlement company.....he knows them all. It's a complete package.
We really really appreciate Kirill and that he answered all our questions (sometime stupid ones) in a very very patient manner. Kirill is simply the best!!!! 
We never were just clients to him rather we became good friends, so kudos to that too.
We are the proud owners of our first home in Skyline Square and all the credit goes to Kirill. Thank you so much and lots of love!!!
Best Wishes:
Bhaskar Mishra & Ankita Srivastava, WorldBank.     
124) In the past, having found tenants myself, I was very hesitant in releasing the search for a credible tenant over to someone else. However, Kirill and Elena impressed me with their quick communication, attention to detail, and their ability to "go the extra mile". They are true professionals!
Anthony Roberts     3701 SOUTH GEORGE MASON DR #1108N, Skyline Plaza Condominium ,FALLS CHURCH, VA 22041
123) I thought it would take 4-6 months to sell my condo. When I met Elena and Kirill they were very professional and knowledgeable about the Skyline Condominiums and they were very confident that they can sell my condo at the market value and very soon. Amazingly we had a contract on my condo within less than 10 days after we put it in the market! I find both Elena and Kirill very motivated and professional and overall I am VERY satisfied with the whole process of selling my condo. I will strongly recommend them for real estate needs. Great Job Elena and Kirill!
Mehrshad Zafarnejad     3713 GEORGE MASON DR #610W, FALLS CHURCH, VA 22041
122) "Having experienced many real estate transactions over many years I have never found an agent as competent and caring as Elena Gorbouonova. I was most impressed with her knowledge and fortitude during a tense process. Her professionalism shown through unswervingly and made me feel she was totally on top of things and always thinking in advance. There is no doubt that I would never hesitate to use her professional skills in a flash."
Steve H.H.      3101 N. Hampton place # 610 Alexandria VA 22041 North Hampton Condominium
121) Elena! Many thanks for your excellent performance in finding me the right tenant! True experience always rises above the rest! Roadblocks!? What roadblocks? If those roadblocks only knew who they were dealing with :)! I'm glad they finally met their match!:) Way to go Elena Gorbounova! You are truly a skillful Agent and you epitomize True Experience! Thank You again!
Maikan K     4062 FOUNTAINSIDE LN, FAIRFAX, VA 22030 Random Hills Land Bay Townhouse Community
120) Spasibo vam ogromneishee!!! ... My biggest thanks is to you!!!
Vitalii Simanovschi & Lena Coval     Skyline House Condominium Falls Church VA 22041 makes clients happy buying selling a home in Northern Virginia
119) Thank you very much for all your help!
Lucie Amadou     5505 SEMINARY RD #710N  FALLS CHURCH Skyline Square Condo VA 22041
118) Thank you again for being the most amazing agent EVER and helping us sell our place!
Naimah and Omar Muhammad     3809 Segundo Place, Alexandria VA 22309 Sequoyah 
117) Kirill was a delight to work with as he kept my fiancé and me well-informed throughout the process.  With all the stress of planning a wedding, it was nice to have one less thing to worry about. From start to finish, we knew that Kirill had our backs. He fought hard to get us the best deal/contract terms we could ask for. We will  absolutely call Kirill for our needs.
Hasan Sarsour     NortHampton Condominium Alexandria VA 22302.
116) Elena was on my side and led the charge to get me the best possible terms from start to finish. She showed me all the condos I wanted to see, provided valuable insight into the pros and cons of each, and kept my interests at the forefront. Her negotiation skills got me the move-in date and discount I was looking for. I strongly recommend Elena for all your real estate needs.
Arne  Brinck     North Hampton Condominium Alexandria VA 22302
115) Thanks for all your help with my home search.
Mazen Makarem    4551 Strutfield Lane Palazo at Park Center Alexandria VA 22311
114) We developed a close friendship with Kirill over the past several months in our long process to purchase a home. Kirill was patient with us with our numerous calls and emails at all times of the day and night, and he always made time to show us houses whenever we called. This is a rarity in today's real estate world. Kirill is an extremely professional person and handles others tactfully and gracefully. His knowledge of the real estate process and the Skyline area are commendable. His diligence to never give up are noteworthy; especially, during our long battle to close when he stayed on top of the process from beginning to end. He is honest, straight forward, and clearly explains the process so that anyone can understand.
Kirill, we thank you for everything you have done for us and we will recommend you to anyone who is looking for a REALTOR in the Northern Virginia area.
Alan and Sue Frable    3713 South George Mason Dr #1004W Falls Church, VA 22041 Skyline House Condominium
Skyline House Condo Purchase in Fairfax County VA 22041 Kirill Gorbounov
113) Elena and Kirill,
Thank you both for your energy in support of our sale.  I'm confident that we got an offer so quickly largely due to your enthusiastic efforts with the buyer during the open house.
This has been the least stressful home selling/purchasing experience I've ever had - thank you both again for that!
Capt. Robert Phillips     3101 North Hampton Dr #218 Alexandria VA 22302 NortHampton Condominium 
112)    Shana Hawkins Buyer Skyline Falls Church VA Kirill Gorbounov Elena Gorbounova Realtor Northern Virginia
I am now the proud owner of a beautiful, spacious condo in Skyline House.  Why proud? Because I know I’ve made the right decision. How do I know? Because Kirill took the time to understand my needs and educate me about the options available to best meet my decision criteria.
Having been burned in the past when I bought my first home, I was very skeptical to buy real estate again. However, Kirill impressed me from day one with his knowledge of the area and the projected market growth. My initial impression was only amplified by the fact that Kirill followed up with a great sense of urgency and concern for helping me make the right decision. 
I have an MBA with 12 years IT sales experience; and I must admit, I found myself taking notes from Kirill on style and communication.  Kirill is the consummate professional. He doesn’t take anything for granted. With every interaction, he earned my trust and loyalty by being prepared and being himself.
Kirill has become my trusted real estate advisor. My relationship with him will extend beyond this transaction, into future investments and home purchases because of the high quality of service and support he delivered. I will proudly serve as a reference for Kirill and allow customers to call me to discuss his talent and abilities.
Thank you Kirill for making my dreams come true!! I can’t wait to have you and your wife over for dinner and Karaoke!
Shana Hawkins 3713 SOUTH GEORGE MASON DR #602, FALLS CHURCH, VA 22041 Skyline House Condo
111) I really appreciated working with you (Kirill), and I hope this is only the first of many transactions. 
Patrizia Nader, Keller Williams Realty
110) It was a pleasure doing business with you! Thank you for your professionalism, promptness and excellent communication. I will definitely refer your company to those who are looking to transfer to the Virginia Area. This was the smoothest Business Transaction I have ever had!
Sharon V. Buford     3701 South George Mason Dr #418N Falls Church Virginia 22041 Skyline Plaza    2/2012
109) Dear Kirill, I am very happy that we got the condo through your help. You are very knowledgeable, and followed up on my requests in a timely manner. You are persistent and firm, but friendly. You are knowledgeable, but not too talkative. You informed me to the point & precisely. You are the best realtor and I will definitely recommend you to others!
Many thanks to you,
Misook Han   3719 S George Mason Drive #209W Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline House
108) Elena Gorbounova is a consummate real estate professional and encompasses all the qualities a home-buyer is looking for in a Realtor: Integrity, credibility, candor, enthusiasm, and an intimate knowledge of the area, property, and law. This was our first real property purchase and without Elena’s advice, encouragement, and assistance, I am certain we’d still be renters instead of  homeowners. Elena is able to articulate the most complex intricacies of the real estate transaction into plain English (or Russian) that is readily understandable to a real estate layman and was crucial to our understanding of the various agreements and contracts necessary to complete the purchase. In addition to Elena’s personal involvement and assistance, she also works with top-quality finance professionals that gives you the impression of working with a team of specialists, all dedicated to helping you feel comfortable with the process by not only keeping you informed of the progress but ensuring you understand what is happening at any given moment. Elena Gorbounova has our highest recommendation and endorsement for anyone looking to buy or sell property in Falls Church or McLean.
Nikita and Alisa, Skyline Square Condominium Falls Church, VA 22041
107) "When I first met Elena, I was just trying to get some information about buying  a condo at Skyline Plaza. But, one meeting with Elena was more than enough to make me change my mind from just looking for info to complete commitment to buying my first home.
She is a great communicator and very knowledgeable; she is available at any time of the day, she follows with every step of the process really, really closely. Once you start working with her, you can rest assured that she will see it to its completion. I would not hesitate a bit to recommend Elena for any one who is planning to buy a house."
"It was really pleasure dealing with you! You always took the extra mile to help and complete the job."
Dr. H. Ansera, Skyline Plaza 3705 GEORGE MASON DR 1217S, FALLS CHURCH, VA 22041
106) I am a former Real Estate Agent and I can recognize a great agent when I meet one. I will give a short review of the important aspects of a R.E transaction. Services, Communication, professionalism...And Elena gets the maximum 5 Stars in each category.
Services provided:
  • The promises were "delivered". Elena was very efficient. As soon as the listing agreement was signed the property was actively marketed.
The communication
  • All the questions and concerns were always answered and addressed immediately. Agent was always available by phone and e-mail. Has been using all the communication offered with modern technology for speed and efficiency.
attention to details and constant monitoring of the situation
  • Elena was constantly monitoring the situation all the way to the final settlement. We were always updated immediately each time there was a new element pertaining to the transaction.
I would recommend Elena to anybody who needs Real Estate services without hesitation.
Bernard Dolivet & Clara Lee     5501 Seminary Rd Unit 2309S Falls Church Virginia 22041 Skyline Square   01/2012
105) Elena and Kirill,
We absolutely loved working with you. You were extremely professional and on top of everything. We appreciated your professionalism and look forward to working with you again soon! We love working with people who know how to get things done :)
Thanks again!
Beth Megel     Keller Williams REALTOR
104) Elena,
Being first time investors, we were so worried about not being able to rent out our newly purchased investment condo quickly. One of the best decisions that we’ve made was to work with Elena Gorbounova and her team at RE/MAX Allegiance. They know the area well, are quick to respond and are true experts. They handled everything for us in getting a qualified tenant VERY quickly and were real professional along the way. I highly recommend Elena and her team, 5 stars all the way!
Molly Lee Yikloon Chen     3101 North Hampton Dr. # 619 Alexandria 22041 VA NorthHampton Condo
103) "I had never sold a property before meeting Elena and was attempting to sell my unit in Skyline from New Jersey. In fact, I had a listing agent prior to Elena who decided not to renew their contract with me because we had only gotten two offers for the two summer months the unit was listed and both fell through. So as a sign of good faith my previous agent looked up the realtors in the area with the best track record and came across Elena's name. I was skeptical, because I had cold called the first agent and although they weren't bad, we didn't get the results we were looking for, so I delayed a week or so in calling Elena. But when I finally got around to calling her she put me at ease immediately. I mentioned I was a little apprehensive based on my prior experience and that it had been stressful trying to sell the unit from 250 miles away but she had a very calming effect. She exudes confidence, is extremely diligent and a great communicator. I never had to follow up on anything as she was always two steps ahead and made the process so EASY. I couldn't have asked for anything more."
Robert Haddad     5505 Seminary Rd #918N Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline Square
102) "I commend Elena and Kirill for the excellent work they did in the selling of my condominium at Skyline House. The recommendations they made to prepare the property for the marketplace were very helpful, the pricing of the property was perfect for the market conditions and they were very aggressive in the Open House activities and other marketing efforts. I was so pleased to sell the condo in less than 60 days! I would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of selling in the Skyline area."
Colleen Leber     3713 SOUTH GEORGE MASON DR #916, FALLS CHURCH Skyline House VA 22041
101) "As I was relocating to Alabama and had my primary home in Maryland to worry about, I thought I would leave my Northampton Place condo unoccupied until I had the time to devote to renting it out.  However, I was curious about Elena as I had saved a flyer about your services as a listing agent for rentals in Northampton Place.  I figured there was nothing to lose in contacting Elena and so I did.  Boy am I glad, as we were able to rent the condo in very short order.  Elena was honest about market conditions and was very prompt in coordinating getting the condo pictures (that Kirill took) loaded onto the MLS, but most of all, I was very impressed with her professionalism and integrity.  As I am 700 miles away, the distance did not deter her from communicating regularly and ensuring I was kept informed.  She delivered exactly what she said she would and in record time!  I am extremely pleased with her services and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to rent out their condo."
"Elena, thank you for your professionalism and quick action to get the unit rented out. You delivered!"
Joseph Bealkowski     3101 HAMPTON DR N #1319, ALEXANDRIA, VA 22302 NortHampton Condominium
100) October 30, 2011
Brian Block, Managing Broker and Branch Vice President
RE/MAX Allegiance
Re: Kirill Gorbounov
To Whom It May Concern:
It is my sincere pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Kirill Gorbounov. I have had the good fortune of having an on-going business relationship since 2004 now with Kirill.
He is very knowledgeable, well-organized, a good communicator, and liked by everyone he meets. I know from personal experience he performs his duties in a professional and competent manner and with a cheerful and positive attitude.  He is able to resolve complex and emotional situations with quiet demeanor and wit and has always been one of our RE/MAX Allegiance top producers.
He is loyal, has a positive attitude and exhibits a sincere dedication to his job and the people he serves.  Kirill is a self-starter and has an outstanding reputation in the real estate community. Kirill enjoys my complete trust and confidence. His honesty and integrity are beyond reproach.
I would recommend him highly and without reservation.  I am totally confident that he will excel.
If I may answer any questions, please feel free to call me anytime.
Brian Block, Managing Broker and Branch Vice President
RE/MAX Allegiance
(703) 626-0715
99) My recent purchase of a condominium in Shirlington couldn't have gone more smoothly. You understood my needs completely and didn't try to steer me to a unit I wouldn't be happy in or to another property. I was again impressed with your professionalism, honesty and integrity. I trusted your judgment when it came to recommending a lender and closing agent. Both recommendations were excellent and both individuals showed the same professionalism as you do. Even though the process has changed and it has become much more challenging to purchase a home, you were always available to answer questions and guided me throughout the process. I would not hesitate to recommend you to a friend or colleague.
Steve Kruse     Arligton Mill Shirlington Arlington VA 22206
98) If you want a job to be done well, then it's smart to hire professionals who know what they're doing. That's what we got when we chose "YOUR SKYLINE CONNECTION" to handle the sale of our property. From the very beginning we could tell that Elena and Kirill were well informed about the local real estate market, had superior negotiating skills, had an intelligent marketing strategy, and were principled people who would definitely look out for our best interests. You kept us well informed throughout the process and paid attention to our individual concerns. You always returned phone calls in a timely manner which helped reduce the stress that comes with selling your home. You never lost sight of the big picture while paying attention to details.
Our friends and relatives were amazed at how quickly you were able to sell our condo -- 3 weeks to contract and then a month to settlement. An amazing feat indeed! Now, on a personal note, we would like to thank you both for all your help, which often went "above and beyond the call of duty." It was a pleasure interacting with you and we wish you the very best in the years ahead. Keep in touch.
With many thanks,
Rita and Charles Knoller     5501 Seminary Rd 2407S Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline Square
97) The first time that we used the services of Elena & Kirill was to offer our condo for rent in 2010. They found us an excellent tenant. A year later, the tenant left us to purchase a new home, so we immediately thought of Elena and Kirill. Again, it was an excellent decision. Their aggressive style and excellent knowledge of the market and marketing created a sale that met all of our requirements. We recommend them to anyone who wants a clean sale. This is especially important when you are an owner who is living 2,000 miles away from the property that you are selling. We commend Elena and Kirill for a job-well-done!
John & Doris Holvoet   (previous Board member) 5501 Seminary Rd # 105S Skyline Square Falls Church VA 22041
96) "My husband and I are extremely grateful to have found Kirill. He went above and beyond to help us find a place to call home. His outstanding work ethics and extensive knowledge of the Skyline area is what sets him apart. If we are ever in need of a realtor again we would not hesitate to contact him. Thank you Kirill!"
"Chris and I want to THANK YOU so much for all of your support throughout this process. You really are a very important key to making this happen for us. I'm glad we chose you as our realtor. =)"
Ana and Chris Tellez     5501 SEMINARY RD #1703S, FALLS CHURCH, VA 22041 Skyline Square
95) "You are kind of beyond awesome. I appreciate all your patience."
Tim McKeel
94) "I have worked with a lot of people in my life but Kirill has proved to be one of the best. I am a first time home buyer with not enough money and high expectations. Kirill went out of his way to help me find what exactly I wanted. He spent almost 2months with me looking and never ever complained for a second. I have never seen anyone so cooperative and honest. If you are looking to sell or buy your house, my honest suggestion is to go with him because only after taking that good decision, you shall realize that you are definitely in good hands. I was just lucky enough that I came across Kirill and he has been extremely helpful all the way. Thank you Kirill. You are the best!!!"
"You have no idea how grateful I am to you. Thank you!"
Salman Paris
93) "My wife and I have been very impressed with your services. Outstanding effort. Thanks!"
"We used Kirill/ReMAX to find tenants for our townhouse.  As we live overseas and had no way to physically evaluate the property, we enlisted Kirill and his team to walk through the property, assist with repairs, list the property on various information sites, show the property as regularly as needed, and finally identify/sign the perfect tenants.  Kirill is extremely knowledgeable about the current conditions in the market, is able to set a proper price limit, and negotiate on our best behalf to ensure we had the right quality of tenant for the right rent.  In the future, I will definitely look to Kirill and the team to assist us in either leasing our property again or even in buying/selling another property should we return to the Washington DC area."
Dean Gockel     5581 FIRST STATESMAN LN, ALEXANDRIA, VA 22312
92) Elena promised Results, and she delivered! Within three weeks, we had two offers. And one month later, we closed on our Skyline Square condo. Thank you!
Colleen and John , Skyline Square, Falls Church VA 22041    
91) "Elena is a powerful, inspired, motivated person and everything she does is full of excitement and fun.  Just spend some time with her and you will find yourself moved to fuller heights and achievements.  In addition to being a top notch Realtor who really knows and understands her Industry, she is also a dynamic physical coach and instructor.  I would highly recommend Elena for your real estate needs and you lifestyle changes.  Thanks Elena for all that you do!"
Brett Irby, CEO at eKey Marketing Concepts, Inc.  Washington, DC
90) "I feel so lucky that we found Elena and Kirill to be our agents. They are professionals with extensive knowledge about real estate transactions, and in particular the Skyline neighborhood. We met them at an Open House, and worked with both of them over the course of several months before we decided on the perfect place for us. Not only were they patient and understanding along the way, they went the extra mile to accommodate our requests and made appropriate recommendations. If it wasn't for Kirill, we would not have bothered to look at the place we eventually purchased, which turned out to be perfect for us. I cannot say enough about how responsive and reliable they are. Not one single phone call or email remained unanswered. Work with Elena and Kirill, and you know you will be in good hands!"
"Kirill is great to work with, and super accommodating. You are in good hands."
"I would trust you with my life! :-)    You guys are the best! I can't say enough of that! Thank you so much for your time and patience! We really appreciate it! "
Sara Zhang Abramson & Brian Abramson     3705 South George Mason Dr #206S, Falls Church VA 22041
89) Dear Elena and Kirill,
I would like to thank both of you for your hard work and dedication to selling my unit. You always made me feel as if I was your only client. Your market knowledge along with your creativity and "make it happen" attitude was so refreshing to work with. I knew from the moment that I met you both that I was working with intelligent and business minded professionals. You both were always on top every detail and diligently working to anticipate any problems that might arise.  I knew that with your confidence and market knowledge that you would help me navigate the tough decisions that go along with selling in this economy. You were successful in fighting to get me top dollar within the short time frame that I needed.
I can't thank you both enough!
Kirstie P.     3101 North Hampton Drive Unit #310 Alexandria 22302 VA Northhampton Place
88) Elena/Kirill:
WE would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the efforts that you made to get us the best PRICE for our last transaction.
Our family worked with you on several transactions in the past, but the last one was exceptionally challenging & that Differentiated you from other agents. In addition to being always Professional during the whole process, you have the Knowledge of the Market, Excellent Negotiation Skills and Perseverance. You were capable to challenge the Appraiser and increase the value of the Property by $18K. We really enjoyed working with you and will continue to work with you in the future, as we know that you will Always protect our interests and bring us the best Price.
Ahmed / Alyaa  --Skyline Square, Falls Church VA
87) Elena, thank you and Kirill for the Professional Way in which you handled the sale of my unit.   With prices being what they are I knew it was impossible for me to get back what I have put into it but I think the plan we devised was about the best that we could do.  You will always have my friendship and, of course, my recommendations when people are looking for a Realtor.  You and Kirill make an Effective and Fun team--- YOU TWO Think and Act as a single unit which is what makes you so Effective. I really appreciate your constant communication and frank honesty when you have to pass information that I might not like to hear. Thank you for the easy settlement--the money was in the account the following day!  Fastest I have had funds disbursed out of all of the homes I have sold.
Big hugs and much thanks for all you have done for me. Kirill's formality and politeness still makes me smile, but he is a true professional, just like his mom.   You taught him well.
Best wishes to you in the future and please feel free to use me as a reference if you desire.
John C. Frasca, Jr.  (Previous Vice-President of Skyline Square Board) Skyline Square Condominium 2112-S Falls Church 22041 VA
86) Dear Elena -
I will in the next few days send an "official" testimonial on your excellent services as a real estate Broker on the sale of my condo. However I first wanted to express my personal thanks for all the hard work and expertise which you put into this sale. My impression is that this contract had more problems arise than in most sales but you handled them all with Energy and Efficiency. It has been a pleasure working with you.
Again, many thanks,
Herm R.  (Previous Board Member)  5505 Seminary Rd. # 1814N, Falls Church, Skyline Square VA
85) I cannot imagine how My Family would have survived through this Long and Arduous short-sale process. Elena and Krill met us in December 2010 and had a long conversation with us with utmost concern and clarity. They have been with my family through the entire process when things were difficult and cheered us up and advised us on steps to navigate through the Maze called short-sale. Elena & Kirill are Professionals and Persistent in their work.
Thank you so much for your endless Support & Advice. I will gladly work with YOU in Future!!!
Mujtaba Syed, South Riding / Chantilly VA
84) Simply Superb! I highly recommend Elena Gorbounova to assist and represent a home buyer. She is a Great Listener and ensured all the many details of the process were addressed and handled in a timely and professional manner. She was very responsive and kept me apprised of all actions in real time. I have bought and sold many homes over the last 25 years and Elena’s Energy, Persistence and Attention to details are the BEST I have experienced.
J. Merritt Otto 5131 GARDNER DR, ALEXANDRIA, VA 22304
83) Dear Elena! Thank you for your outstanding efforts in leasing my Unit in Skyline Square for the 3d time! Your Immediate Attention & Continued Follow up were greatly appreciated!
Very Truly Yours,
Robert Whitestone    5501 Seminary Rd. # 1504S, Falls Church, VA 22041, SKYLINE Square
82) Elena Gorbounova was our Realtor for the sale of our condo in Skyline Square March through May 2011. She, with the assistance of her son, Kirill, achieved the sale of our property at a satisfactory price in spite of the depressed housing market.  Elena has numerous positive traits – Educated, Ambitious, Market-savvy, Energetic, Thorough, Honest and VERY Reliable. During all our dealings with Elena, she always kept us informed of the status of negotiations , and our interests were always Paramount. It's a genuine pleasure to have the sale completed and the concern put to rest. Thank you - and Kirill - for all your work and the results of that work.
I recommend Elena as real estate agent without reservation.
William K. Rockey      5505 Seminary Rd. # 2414N, Falls Church, VA 22041 SKYLINE Square
81) "Dear Elena and Kirill...we want Everyone to know that WE are Fully Satisfied w/ your Excellent Service!!! YOU worked Diligently & Persistently in closing this transaction, solving Complicated Distance Related issues between the Buyer & the Seller ---- YOUR NEGOTIATING SKILLS ARE ABSOLUTELY 1ST CLASS and you are indeed GOOD at what you do!!! Keep up the same Good Work For ALL Skyline Residents!!!!
George Millner & Nora Millner     5505 Seminary Rd. # 1615N, Falls Church, VA 22041 SKYLINE Square
80) "We highly recommend Elena and Kirill for your real estate needs.  We primarily worked with Elena as our buyer agent on our recent condo purchase.  As first time buyers, there was so much to learn, and Elena, with the assistance of Kirill, took the time to really explain the process, trends in the area, and to take us around to look at many different buildings and units. Elena was extremely flexible and would make the time to take us to see places or to discuss our thoughts and concerns.  She worked around our schedules, and she really went beyond what we would expect by searching for places with us at all hours and days of the week.  We felt we could really trust Elena and the advice that she gave us.  Elena is very organized and persistent, and she ensured that we kept on track with the search and found something rather quickly.  She continually searched for new postings, and would contact us as soon as she found something so we could go and see it. Elena and Kirill are very knowledgeable in the market in general and in this area.  They are dedicated to what they do, and they are very professional, persistent and passionate.  We highly recommend them."
Curtis & Nadin     3705 SOUTH GEORGE MASON DR #1012S, FALLS CHURCH, VA 22041 (SKYLINE PLAZA)
79) WOW,WOW,WOW! This is what we have to say about Elena and Kirill. Elena will not give up and will pursue any means to make a sale for you. As a client we know this because it took a little time for our unit to sell (but not because of her) It was her very demanding clients (the Wests). There were some things Karen and I were not going to move on even though Elena and Kirill had asked us to. Kirill is a highly knowledgeable straightforward person who knows the market. He is also very polite and courteous and matches Elena’s intensity to sell.
For what Karen and I were asking them to do, they did with flying colors. We know that Elena and Kirill are the hardest working agents we have ever met. From 8:30 Am to 11:30Pm calls or emails and countless hours talking to perspective buyers and agents to get our unit sold. They also aggressively marketed our unit to put it beyond the other units in the building because our unit it had been so extensively renovated. We were looking for a specific type of buyer and not just anyone which they understood and dealt with very professionally, even though the market has been down lately for our type of unit. We know that we are very demanding clients and never had a problem with this amazing team. They were always there to answer questions or just listen to any problems we were having.
They were also very helpful in finding us an agent to work with in the area that we wanted to move. They made it very easy to settle and made the transaction of closing on both properties convenient.
They make you feel like they care about what they are doing because they do, which in this day is hard to find. We feel like we have made a friend in the both of them and that we were not just another sell. We hope to continue to hear from them and watch their success because it is inevitable that they will make their mark here at Skyline as the top agents for this area.
Karen and I would like to thank the both of you for such a great job and wish you only more success.
Emery and Karen West 5501 Seminary Rd # 811S, Falls Church VA 22041 (Skyline Square)
78) “Simply thrilled with your work!”
"Elena and Kirill are excellent real estate agents because in addition to being extremely professional, they are knowledgeable about Skyline Square and the industry. We found Elena's Can Do attitude and professionalism refreshing and a pleasure with which to work."
"It wasn't easy to sell a condo from Ohio but Elena stayed on top of every detail. Through Open Houses and individual showings she was accessible and responsive by telephone and electronic mail. Elena was there with us every step of the way! It was a pleasant experience, We Highly recommend them."
Dan Butler 5501 SEMINARY RD #1907S, FALLS CHURCH, VA 22041 (Skyline Square)
77) “Elena and Kirill possess every trait a person seeking to sell property could ever imagine finding: a very good looking appearance, a willingness to please, a desire to get the best contract possible, and most important, an extraordinary intellect. During our first meeting I conveyed my wishes as to what I would like; you explained to me what you hoped to do. Your explanation instilled such confidence in me that I decided to follow any advice from you. That was the wisest decision that I made during the whole process of selling my condo. My relationship with you has been a totally pleasurable experience and I would recommend you over and above any other realtors.
On a scale of 1 to 10, you are a 25!!!”
Gwendolyn Byrd 5501 Seminary Rd #704S, Falls Church VA 22041 (Skyline Square)
76) Elena and Kirill were extremely professional and kept in touch very closely throughout the process. Elena's enthusiasm and drive are indicative of a very successful person and she has been very active in this market. They know this market and these condominiums better than
anyone and have been very aggressively working this area. Their results speak for themselves. If you listen to their professional advice and follow it (and do your part, of course), they will sell your property. We could not be happier with their service. They went the extra mile and had to help us with a few unanticipated challenges near the closing. If you want or need to sell your property and want highly qualified professionals managing the process, I strongly recommend Elena Gorbounova and her partner Kirill Gorbounov.
Gil Heller 5501 Seminary Rd 2004S Falls Church 22041 Condominiums at Skyline Square VA
75) "Elena and Kirill acted as my buyer's agent in 2007 and found my Skyline Square condo in a very short time. Then, in 2009 and again in 2010, they found renters for the same condo -- both times in less than two weeks. They were always extremely professional, courteous, and (most importantly) successful in accomplishing the goals I set out for them. I would highly recommend them to any buyer, seller, landlord, or renter. Thanks Elena and Kirill for three jobs very well done! Keith O."
Keith Oatman 5501 Seminary Rd 1113S 22041 Falls Church Condominiums at Skyline Square VA
74) I really, really appreciate how you and Kirill handled the sale of my apartment. I really appreciate your patience and kindness with me as I am a very impatient person. You said: "Don't worry. Keep calm. We'll sell your condo" and YOU DID. You sold it in a difficult market within a month.
The thing that impressed me about you both is your intelligence and ability to negotiate. You knew every step of the way what was to be done on my behalf and I followed your advice and it worked out to "my" benefit. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Your team is the greatest!
I especially admire Kirill and his professionalism and kindness. He is a real gentleman and a great human being. He shows a genuine care for his clients.
Again, thanks so much for everything. I really and truly hope that we will have further contact.
All the best to both of you.
Elizabeth Astudillo 3705 S. George Mason Dr #1913S Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline Plaza
73) You work very hard and deserve the success you have been experiencing. I wish you both all the best in the coming year and know that you will be successful. Hopefully, you will have clients that are realistic and cooperative. I certainly appreciated your professionalism and market expertise. My mother and I were very pleased and grateful to have sold her condo in such sort order and at a price that was very fair given the market.
Gilbert Heller 5501 Seminary Rd 2004 S Skyline Square Falls Church VA 22041
72) “Elena and Kirill were just God sent. As first time home buyers, my husband and I had no clue how to proceed. They took the time to educate us throughout the entire process including providing power point presentations with current statistics on market trends! Their guidance and expertise were only exceeded by their warm and amazing personalities. Throughout the entire process it felt as though we were the only clients, even though we know they had plenty of others at the same time. Every e-mail and voice message was answered promptly and thoroughly. My husband and I often laughed, that they would send us answers before we even thought of the questions!  Elena’s knowledge and experience combined with Krill’s passion and attention to every detail are the recipe for their amazing success.
In summary we could not have asked for better realtors, they made this otherwise stressful process seem easy and fun! We are forever grateful for all their hard work and dedication and wholeheartedly are recommending their services.”
"Again thank you so much for all the hard work and dedication, We are very happy that we were lucky to find you guys."
“I really do not want to repeat myself but you guys are THE BEST of THE BEST J … here it is an e-mail out of nowhere with an answer to my question I haven’t even asked yet. THANK YOU!!!!!”
Magdalena & Antonio Gray     4504 Shoal Creek Ct, Alexandria VA 22312     Pinecrest 
71) "Kirill was great! I was new to the area and had one day to find a place to live. He found exactly what I was looking for. Kirill was patient, professional, and was genuinely interested in helping me find the right place. I plan on using him again and would recommend Kirill highly."
Dr.  Jeffrey S. Gerdes     7266 Liverpool Ct, Alexandria VA 22315    Kingstowne
70) "I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Elena for making the Sale of my condo and a Purchase of a new home easy and enjoyable. Elena accomplished both transactions w/ remarkable skills, diligence and professionalism. Her knowledge, expertise in Real Estate and reliability were absolutely unprecedented. I acknowledge and truly appreciate her negotiating skills and competence. I want to thank Elena for her time, great work and highly recommend her to all of you!
Larissa Sokolova"     2451 Midtown Ave. Alexandria VA 22303    Midtown Alexandria Station
69) We were very pleased with your services. Thank you for your assistance!!
Nicole Ridley     3101 North Hampton Drive Alexandria 22302 VA North Hampton Condominium
68) "Elena, thank you very much for all your help in the purchase of my condo. I truly admire your dedication, patience, and your professional approach in the real estate business. More than anything the way you care about your clients at personal level is really sincere and touching. I will always keep you in my mind and recommend you for everyone I know, so they can get the best service in buying or selling their property. Once again ,thank you for the job well done.
Elias Afework"     5501 Seminary Rd., Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline Square
67) "I’ve moved 3 times in the past few years, and have had contact w/ a number of Real Estate Agents. Elena is far the most professional and helpful of them all. The most beneficial aspect of working w/ her is that fact that she truly knows her market. So, once she knew what I was looking for, it took her no time at all to find several great options- from which I chose my current residence. Thanks, Elena!      
Keith Oatman"     5501 Seminary Rd.#S, Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline Square
66) "Elena, It was a pleasure and rewarding experience to have you represent me in the new home purchase. Elena assisted me in every way imaginable, I am forever grateful for Elena’s professionalism and care. Elena has made my buying experience manageable, stress free and enjoyable. I look forward to recommending you to friends and relatives. Thank you,
Jerome Scott"     3713 S. George Mason Dr. # 1110, Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline Plaza
65) "Our experience in purchasing a townhouse in Arlington has been truly rewarding, easy and smooth thanks to Elena's top professionalism, profound knowledge of the real estate market, and her personal full involvement in the process. Elena left no stone unturned in the search for our dream house and visited herself most of the houses before showing them to us. Once the house was identified and an offer was made, she used her brilliant negotiation skills and her knowledge of the legal aspects to get what we wanted.
Moreover, she was always right there assisting and guiding us all steps of the way to a smooth settlement/ closing. Her dedication and professionalism is truly commendable and we look forward to recommend her to everyone we know who is in the market of selling or buying their properties, so that they also have a memorable and enjoyable experience working w/ Elena.
There is no doubt that I will use Elena's service again when I decide to move. Thanks a million, Elena!
Natalie, Oleg & Anya Karagulins”     1810 9th Str. S, Arlington VA 22204    Columbia Square 
64) THANK U.
Mostafa Allam     Skyline Square VA
63) “Saturday I met your son as he helped a friend of mine look for an apartment.  We are all proud of our kids, but I think we appreciate getting an unsolicited compliment.  Your son was very professional.  He showed my friend some condos and was very polite and helpful.  He was interested in what she liked, rather than just trying to push a sale.  She enjoyed his approach as well.  He sent a follow-up note to us as well. You must be very proud of your son!”
Bill Maher
62) "Elena, what a great experience it was working w/ you! It is only because you are so good at what you do as an Agent that I was able to secure such an incredible deal w/ the purchase of my new condo at Park Place. I intend to stay in touch w/ both: you and Kirill in the future. Thanks again!"
"We love the condo in Park Place. We painted, installed new carpet and decorated, so it looks much better than when you saw it.  Please come by some time and visit.  Thank you for your fine negotiating skills!”
Phil Geyelin     2500 Van Dorn St. # 1603, Alexandria VA 22302     Park Place 
61) Thank you for your help in renting out our condominium so quickly and professionally. It was a pleasure for us to work with you and wonderful knowing that we could count on your expertise to provide quality service and expedite each and every detail to our complete satisfaction. We sincerely appreciate your personal touch and undivided attention. We look forward to working with you again in the future and highly recommend your services. Again, thank you.
Linda and Frank Yeck 3101 N. Hampton Dr. # 1217 Alexandria 22302 Alexandria VA    North Hampton Place Condominium
60) "Kirill has been a fantastic agent and has made the selling of my home a pleasant experience. The services provided and personal attention from Kirill were exceptional. From the beginning of the process until the end, he was accessible and responsive and communicated very well so that I was informed and guided me through everything throughout the process. His diligence and knowledge of the market were impressive. In addition, he is courteous and conducts himself with absolute professionalism. I was extremely pleased with the services Kirill provided and would highly recommend Kirill to anyone who is buying or selling a property."
"I truly appreciate all of your work.  You have been excellent throughout"
Serhat Cengiz     11706 Olde English, Reston VA 20190  ParcReston
59) "I am more than happy. No need to change anything because I do not believe it can get any better. Keep up the good
work and Thank you both!"
"I would love to wish you and your family a Happy Easter as well. You are a wonderful person that has favor from the Most High. Continue to be rooted and grounded in love and please don't ever change. Have a Wonderful Easter!"
William Burke    5505 Seminary Rd 508 N Falls Church 22041 Skyline Square Condos VA
58) Thank you for providing guidance and excellent service.
Carmen Grizzard   5505 Seminary Rd 1002 S Falls Church 22041 Skyline Square Condo VA
Helped sellers and landlords in Skyline Condominiums Falls Church VA 22041
57) "Thanks and a job well done!"
Thank you, Elena and Kirill. I am really grateful. Without your help, I really don't know how I can survive! Thank you so much for everything you have done for me, for Jin and for our family! "
"Fantastic! Thanks for a good job!"
Ms Xiaolin & Jin Zhu 5505 Seminary Rd 910N Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline Sq VA
56) "Great job Kirill."
"I appreciate everything you have done and this is why I always prefer to re-do business with you."
Mahmoud Omer 5501 Seminary Rd 301 S Falls Church 22041 Skyline Square Condominiums VA

55) Dear Elena and Kirill,
We thank you for efficiently executing all aspects of our Skyline Square Condominium sale this month, despite the buyer’s urgent pressure to shorten the process. You made our share of the transaction a pleasure.
The confidence in you both that we developed while engaged in this real estate transfer will be passed on to our acquaintances at every opportunity.
You have set a high mark with your energy and your comprehensive understanding of the overall business.
Thank you for everything.
Don Cruse & Marge Cruse 5501 Seminary Rd # 1607 S Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline Square Condo
54) "Elena was relentless as my advocate and agent, resolving problems and ALWAYS protecting me when my lack of knowledge of the process (this was the first property I have ever sold) or issues from the other side might have ended in results that were not in my best interest.
Elena and Kiril are 100 percent trustworthy, always supporting their client and on top of every detail to make sure that the transaction proceeds and in the best way possible.
Their commitment of time and energy was enormous and Elena's negotiation skills are formidable. I say this as the former General Counsel of a large institution."
"Again, many thanks!"
"You and Kirill were relentless in your focus on getting my unit sold. Warm regards, and thank you for all your help!"
Jennifer 5505 Seminary Rd #501N, Falls Church, VA 22041 Skyline Square Condominium
53) You guys rock!! Thanks again
Quentin Gilmore 3600 Glebe Rd S #206W, Arlington, VA 22202 Eclipse On Center Park
52) Twice I used the real estate services of Elena & Kirill: during Purchase and Sale. Elena, as a Selling Agent did a wonderful job for my family helping find the right property. Elena is very knowledgeable when it comes to real estate business: communicates/negotiates very well & very responsive. She worked with me very closely to clear out any confusion I had and on many occasions and went above & beyond. I was very pleased with her service.
During this economic crisis, it was hard for me to keep my home and unfortunately, I had to short sale my home. This time Elena represented me as a Listing Agent & I got to know another wonderful person through this transaction - Kirill, Elena's business partner. Both of them took care of my short sale. As you might already know… selling a home through a short sale is not an easy task. Both: Elena & Kirill, put so much effort in collecting correct documents, working with the lender, and the other agents. The result was Fabulous: the whole procedure from start to end took less than 2 months! They handled my case very well and always communicated w/ me. Elena & Kirill are very well known in Skyline. I will definitely use their services again and I highly recommend them.
I will be happy to tell you more about this team - call me at my cell phone: 703-399-5055
Mohammed Elomary     Skyline Square VA
51) Thank you for your help in renting out our condominium so quickly and professionally. It was a pleasure for us to work with you and wonderful knowing that we could count on your expertise to provide quality service and expedite each and every detail to our complete satisfaction. We sincerely appreciate your personal touch and undivided attention. We look forward to working with you again in the future and highly recommend your services. Again, thank you.
Linda and Frank Yeck 3101 N. Hampton Dr. # 1217, Alexandria, VA 22302 NORTHAMPTON Place
50) I was most impressed with Elena and Kirill's expertise and consideration in handling the sale of my condo at Skyline Square. They were very understanding regarding my position since I have lived here for 26 years and was moving to a foreign territory, Florida. Can you imagine! Their guidance towards me (the seller) and the buyer, was comforting and the move was so much easier due to their knowledge regarding the area. I highly recommend Elena and Kirill for selling your condo and moving because they were a tremendous help to me.
Susan Emery 5501 Seminary Road # 2503 South, Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline Square
49) "Elena, a RE/MAX Allegiance Agent, is very popular around Skyline Square Condominium. Her name appears on many units listed for sale in Skyline Square and I have followed her selling trends for many months, which seem to have a speedy turnover rate despite the market conditions. Finally, I decided to contact Elena to list my unit for sale.
Well, Elena dear, you did not disappoint me one bit! Elena & Kirill, “Mother and Son” team, they really complement each other and you are a strong team. Elena is smart, witty, hard-working, knowledgeable about the market and Kirill is a young man who has so much potential!
I have complete confidence and trust in Elena from the day we signed the contract until the closing which was less than two months for the whole process. Elena explained to me every step of the way, and through her experience and professionalism, she kept on top of things and made other sides working for her in order to keep us on the schedule. Elena, many thanks for advice you gave me during the course of the sale and most of all, thanks for your quick actions which enabled us to sell at a higher price than the listed price. Elena, I will certainly recommend you to all my friends if they need a charming REALTOR who they can trust."
"I'm very happy and content with our sale and I thank you so much for your dedication throughout the entire transaction. I will keep you in mind for future references and referrals to my friends. I made a right decision."
Cecile 5505 Seminary Rd #102N, Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline Square
Kirill Gorbounov and Elena Gorbounova with sellers and buyers in Skyline Square Condominium Fairfax County Falls Church 22041 VA
48) Dear Elena and Kirill
I want to thank you one more time for the wonderful job that you did for me!
You sold my place in 10 days during the Snow Storm despite the housing market conditions. Thanks to you I could sell and buy my dream home the same day (nobody believed that it was possible).
It was a lot of pressure to have all 3 settlements in one day - all of them related to each other. At the Settlement, both the seller and the buyer were so happy and were all proud of you making that happen. I will never forget that day!
You are professional, committed, responsive and fast and everything was made to look delightfully simple. You made me very happy and proud!
RE/MAX must be proud of your great team!!!
Best Regards
Sh. Matini 5501 Seminary Rd # 1011S, Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline Square
47) "Dear Kirill and Elena,
I had a pleasant experience working with you as a professional team. Your dedication and customer oriented vision is translated into "excellent service". Thank you for your help and support in renting my condo."
"One more time, thanks for your help."
Maria del Carmen Grizzard 5501 Seminary Rd #1002S, Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline Square
46) Our client was Mr. Seller, but apparently, Mr. Buyer was so much impressed by the work that he wrote us an e-mail: "Because of your tenacious hard work, you forced Bank of America to do their job. I just wanted to thank you for a job well done! If I ever need a listing agent, I will definitely give you a call. You are FABULOUS! Excellent Job!
William Burke 5505 Seminary Rd #508N, Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline Square
45) What, down market? I listed my 1 bedroom condo with Elena at the end of November and had a contract on the unit in early January. Elena also found a new condo for me that had everything that I wanted (nice view on a higher floor). The kitchen appliances were all new but the countertops and the cabinets were old.) Elena negotiated new cabinets
and granite countertops for me, new vanity and light fixtures. She promptly returned all of my phone calls and addressed all of my concerns. Her persistence in getting results is amazing. It took more than two weeks to close the deal with the lender due to a backlog of paperwork because of the snow, but Elena pushed the right buttons and made the manager of the lender get the paperwork done.Elena and Kirill are hard-working professionals who get the job done.
Jeff 5505 Seminary Rd #508N, Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline Square
44) Elena was just wonderful. I could not have worked with anyone better.
43) Elena and her crew worked very hard on my behalf and I'm very satisfied with there performance - top notch!
42) "In March 2009, I asked Kirill and Elena to try to sell my Skyline Square condo. Since the sales market was pretty bad, we had a backup plan to try a rental. It became clear within a couple weeks that we couldn't get the sale price we wanted, so we went for the rental. In less than a week, Kirill and Elena had found a renter -- and we had a signed lease within days. Great work Kirill and Elena. Thanks!"
Keith O Falls Church, 22041 VA Skyline Square
41) Both Elena and Kirill were extremely confident and helpful in placing our condo on a rental listing. Their knowledge of the market and renting strategies were evident throughout our relationship. The stamina in finding a tenant exhibited by Elena was a tribute to her dedication to serving the customer. Her friendly demeanor and positive optimism clearly accounted for identifying and securing a tenant within two weeks of signing an agreement with RE/MAX. Simply outstanding! The entire process was in complete control by Elena and she ensured both parties were totally satisfied before our commitment to engage a lease contract. I am confident that Elena will continue communications with us (as we are out of state now) regarding the continuing satisfaction with our decision to lease. Undoubtedly, Elena will be given our trust to sell our property when the market supports such action. I can highly recommend Elena and Kirill to others who are considering similar actions with their most valuable assets.
Joseph Migyanka and Percy Lo - Proud Owners and now Proud Landlords! 3101 N. Hampton Dr. # 907, ALEXANDRIA, VA North Hampton Place
40) "Thank you so much, you are the best!"
"My husband and I had a great pleasure of having Elena and Kirill as our Realtors.  They are the most honest, ethical, reliable and hard-working people we have ever met.  As first time home buyers, we were concerned about the whole process of getting our first home, but Elena and Kirill made the process enjoyable and stress-free.  By working with that great team, we had an opportunity to preview every Active property through ListingBook which is a Great Tool for buyers and we also learned a lot about the regional sales contract & all possible contingencies. Thank you so much for setting up an account for us through ListingBook. Furthermore, thank you so much for being patient, considerate and understandable of our desires and needs from the beginning.  Thank you for responding to our e-mails and phone calls within minutes, for working hard and for being able to do whatever it takes to make us happy and pleased with your work. It happened so, that our 1st contract fell apart due to the Default of the Seller d Elena & Kirill found another property w/in 24 h. although the inventory was really down. That property turned out to be even a better deal than the 1st!!! We ratified our contract w/in 48 h. and close our deal w/in 2 weeks. That's what you can achieve when you work w/ a good team!" 
"We will stay in touch w/ you guys because we feel like we didn’t just find great realtors but great friends as well. Thank you so much for all your help.  When it comes to selling or buying Real Estate in the future, you are the only realtors we want to work with.
With appreciation,
Olga and Kirill Sukhorukovs     7717 Lafayette Forest Dr., Annandale VA 22003    Lafayette Forest 
39) By far the best sales associate I have had the privilege to work with. Elena and Kirill are a five-star team.
~Withheld due to work
38) Elena and Kirill are excellent to work with. They are professional, committed and responsive. They assisted me in renting my home within 3 days of listing the property. They did a wonderful job marketing the property, followed up in a timely manner and kept me posted every step of the way. They are go-getters, and will get the job done!
Nicole 3101 N. Hampton Dr. # 901, ALEXANDRIA, VA 22302 North Hampton Place
37) "Kirill had a professional mentality from start to finish for renting out my condo. He was completely honest with me at all times and didn't beat around the bush. He really looked out for my best interest and assured me that we would find a renter rather quickly. It was definitely a pleasure and positive experience working with him! And when it's time for me to sell my condo or my husband and me to buy our new home, Kirill will be on our speed dial!"
Anna Canlas 5611 FRANCONIA RD 33, ALEXANDRIA, VA 22310   Burberry Court  
36) “Elena & Kirill,
I want to take this opportunity to "THANK YOU" for the AWESOME job you did in getting my condo rented.
Again, MANY thanks,
Larry Bennett” 3705 GEORGE MASON DR #2403S, Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline House
35) “Elena Gorbounova is an extremely effective, efficient and highly capable sales representative. She authored and prepared pictures depicting the salient features of my condo such that an offer was made within the initial two weeks, and, through her excellent negotiation skills, the final offer was completed and totally acceptable within a month thereof. Given the current downturn in the real estate market, I felt that was an outstanding feat, and amply demonstrated her capabilities. I highly recommend her based on achievements performed in a very short period of time.”
Joyce Schrantz 5505 SEMINARY RD #1203N, Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline Square
34) "On December 22 '08, I signed a contract, entrusting Elena and her son Kirill the sale of my Skyline Square apartment. I chose them because I was impressed by their professionalism and knowledge of the real estate field. They took their time to explain to me in detail everything concerning this commitment and kept me informed of any developments.
To my great and pleasant surprise, they presented me with a great contract on December 27/08 and on January 21/09 I became a happy seller to the great couple who took possession of my apartment. The whole deal took less than a month!
Elena and Kirill did a wonderful job; I cannot thank them enough for their display of efficiency and the personal touch that was present at all times in our short-lived business relationship. I would highly recommend this "Mother & Son" team to anyone looking for high caliber professionals in real estate."
Esther Garcia 5505 Seminary Rd. # 1315N, Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline Square
33) I could never expect anything more in the competence, skills, and experience of my agent, Elena Gorbounova, she is so professional in her field and definitely a great asset to the company she's working for.
32) "Thank you so much for helping us in renting out our condo so quickly, especially in this financial crisis market. You did an exceptional job of keeping us informed. We appreciate your professional service and personal integrity."
“Professionalism is knowing how to do it when to do it, and doing it.”
Anu & Rommel Patel 5505 SEMINARY RD 1803N, Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline Square
31) Elena is the most professional + competent Real Estate Professional I have ever worked with. It was a pleasure working with her. She was superb in keeping me abreast of every step of the process.
30) The service provided by Elena G. from beginning to end was outstanding.
29) "Elena & Kirill managed to rent my condominium in just 2 weeks, a feat even more impressive when one considers that this coincided with what was being called the country's greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression. The knowledge, determination and swift resolution of all issues regarding the deal were all greatly appreciated, as were the constant updates I received informing me of their progress.
Elena also went more than a few "extra miles" as my renter was relatively unfamiliar with English, & Elena was compelled to serve as a translator for more than a few VERY Lengthy phone exchanges. I had a Realtor years ago for another property who was not motivated & steered me into a bad deal that ended w/ me unknowingly paying far too much, so I know the difference the good ones and the bad ones - and Elena & Kirill are as GOOD as you'll get anywhere! Highly RECOMMENDED!"
Steve Ronayne 5505 Seminary Rd. # 1208N, Falls Church, VA 22041 Skyline Square
28) "Elena is a wonderful real estate agent. She is very professional and committed to getting the job on hand done. She made me feel important as a client and made sure that she was always there to serve in my best interests. Since I have had the experience of working with her twice (she helped me to buy my place as well as to rent it out eventually), I can vouch for the trouble and great lengths that she has gone to in order to satisfy any of my requirements, especially in the face of the challenges that the housing market faces presently. Everything was made to look delightfully simple and I could rest assured that there was somebody out there working for me more diligently than I probably would have done myself. And if she was not all that one could ask for in an agent, now she has a very able partner in Kirill. That's even better and they make a great team!! Keep up the great work.
Mallik Subbarao" 12921 CENTRE PARK CIR, Herndon, VA   Bryson At Woodland Park
27) "Elena was everything we could have wanted in a real estate agent. We were impressed w/ her diligence, knowledge of the market and professional competence. Elena sold our condominium at a difficult time when the market was flooded w/ comparable units. Without her persistence, our unit would still be sitting on the market. Elena really gets the deal done!
Peter Hammond and Frank Johnson" 5501 Seminary Rd. # 1910S, Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline Square
26) "Elena is a dedicated, professional, caring, aggressive realtor who sold my father’s condo, in a declining market, in just over one month. Elena stayed in touch and kept me apprised of the situation at all times. She was always available either by phone or email. I highly recommend Elena. She is compassionate, diligent, conscientious and delightful. She made me feel as though I was her only client.
Thank you, Elena, a million! You are the BEST!
If you need a REALTOR, go directly to Elena".
"How satisfying for you that Kirill is following in your successful footsteps and how lucky for him that he has you as his role model. You do indeed love your work. It was so evident when I worked with you to sell Dad's condo. I never doubted for a moment that it would not sell fast. To start the New Year with three contracts is a credit to you and to Kirill who has adopted your love for this profession. YOU TWO ARE THE BEST!"
"Your expertise and professionalism in the Realty business was such a blessing to me."
"I am so thankful that I met you back in February 2008. I felt so relieved that Dad's condo sale was in such good hands. You are the best."
"Elena, I cannot begin to tell you how lucky I was to have you as my Realtor.  You put Dad's condo on the market on Feb 18, 2008, and we closed on April 15, 2008. I was so thankful to have you and Kirill selling the condo. I wish you continued success with Skyline Connection."
Maryann Schwab 5505 Seminary Rd #605-N, Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline Square
25) I highly recommend RE/MAX Allegiance agent Kirill Gorbounov for referrals or showings. He is beyond professional and excellent at making good impressions, providing feedback and arriving prepared.
Jay Seville REALTOR
24) "As first home time buyers, we had a lot of anxiety and were uncertain of how the whole home buying process worked. Kirill was an excellent Realtor - he is very knowledgeable and went above and beyond “Realtors” responsibility. He helped us get the names of mortgage companies, home inspectors. He made himself available anytime before and after closing which put us at ease. Kirill checked up and made sure everything was in line and in order through the process. He made our 1st time home buying as easy as it could possibly be for a 1st time home buyer. We would definitely use Kirill again if we are either in the market for buying or selling our home."
Nurzhan Abenov and Mukhabat Raziyeva     11602 Stoneview Square, Reston VA 20191 Shadowood
23) Elena = Awesome Agent!
22) Elena Gorbounova is the best as they come. We can't recommend her highly enough. She is one of the largest reasons we bought our unit in the area we chose - just so we'd have her taking care of us. 
21) Everything was taken care of in a timely and proper manner - hurdles overcome and all made easy.
Michael Ivey & Kanako     600 Roosevelt Blvd #503, Arlington VA Bryson
20) During the whole process, I felt I had an old friend around not just a Realtor.
Samson Dejene Aredo     5505 SEMINARY RD #2115N Bailey's Crossroads VA 22041 Skyline Square
19) Thanks so much to you and Kirill for all your help and thorough explanation of everything it is greatly appreciated and I look forward to working with you both again
18) Kirill, it was a pleasure to have met you today. You've been very patient and helpful. Your energetic personality and positive disposition will surely lead you to greater success.
Ariel Rodelas Penaranda
17) As a first time homebuyer, I was nervous and hesitant about purchasing because I knew little about the process and intricacies of buying a home.  However, after just my first meeting with Kirill, I felt very relieved and fortunate to have Kirill in my corner during this process.
From the start, Kirill spent a lot of time educating, informing, and walking me through the purchasing process, step-by-step.  When searching for properties that suited my specific preferences, Kirill was extremely knowledgeable in all Northern Virginia area and made invaluable recommendations and insights.
Best of all, Kirill was constantly in contact with me and easy to reach.  He updated me promptly on new properties and details, and he really helped to ease my worries surrounding my home buying experience.
I won’t say that purchasing a new home isn’t stressful, because it is; however, Kirill definitely was there for me through the entire process, and I know I wouldn’t have been able to find and purchase the place I got without him.
"Thanks a ton for everything Kirill!"
Darren Cogan     3101 N Hampton Dr #416 Alexandria VA 22302 North Hampton Condominium Place
16) Kirill was very helpful in getting my apartment lease. I really felt he was looking out for me and he was a pleasure to work with. I was impressed with his knowledge and his helpful attitude in going the extra mile. I highly recommend Kirill Gorbounov as a top-notch REALTOR. Many Thanks,
David Hagemann     3101 N Hampton Dr., Alexandria, VA. 22302 Northampton Place
15) My husband and I were looking to purchase our first home.  We were nervous about undertaking such a daunting and intimidating step.  We had first worked with Elena two years ago when she had helped us find an amazing condo to rent.  After working with Elena, we had no doubt as to which realtor we would use when it became time to purchase our own home.
Working with both Elena and Kirill was such a pleasant experience because they were so patient and understanding. They began by explaining all the steps involved in buying a home and answered all our questions.   More importantly, they never made us feel like our concerns were unimportant or unfounded.
Instead, Elena listened to all our requests and respected our price range.  She eased us into the home buying process by showing us a few homes that met our criteria, but never pressured us to put in an offer until we felt ready. She really understood our taste level and what we were looking for!
Ultimately, Elena and Kirill didn’t just find us our first home but found us our ideal first home.  We feel like we truly worked with the best in the business, and we feel even luckier to call Elena and Kirill our friends.
Riccardo Capparelli and Patricia Carrada-Capparelli     5501 Seminary Rd, Falls Church, VA 22041 Skyline Square
14) "Thanks again Kirill for all your help! ... Thank you are the best, seriously!!!!!!"
Tom Hicklin     Arlington VA The Carlton
13) "Everything worked out great ... easy stress-free process."
Thomas Jiang     7720 Tremayne Pl., McLean VA 22102  The Colonies 
12) I am grateful to my real estate agent Elena Gorbounova who helped me in purchasing the condo of my dream. Elena was OUTSTANDING in every step of transaction starting from the search and ending in closing. I am sure I was one of the more challenging clients for Elena – I had a narrow price range, yet I was focusing my search in an expensive area … The process seemed hopeless at times as I was not able to outbid other buyers in price, yet I did not want to redirect my search to another area. The months have passed, and my search continued. Many other agents would probably stop working with me and redirect their efforts toward more “profitable” clients. Yet, Elena was always available to me and ready to help. I cannot compliment enough how honest, hard-working, ethical, and kind was Elena in every interaction. When finally the right condo came on the market, we were able to submit our bid quickly. Elena was very professional during the negotiation; we were able to get our offer ratified due to her skill as a negotiator and reassurance that we will do everything right on our side to close on time. We did it! I am thankful to Elena for working hard to help my family to find exactly what we were looking for and in our price range. I am even more thankful to her for being kind and understanding and not giving up on us during this long and at times frustrating process. I would be happy to recommend Elena to any person who is looking for an honest, ethical, and hard-working professional. You can count on Elena’s honest advice, Elena will always keep her word, she will be available for you any time you need it (her responsiveness is amazing!), and she will deliver results! The most important is you will have not only the high level professional on your side, you will have a really GOOD PERSON on your side. Elena, thank you for your hard work! I wish you a lot of success professionally and happiness in your life personally. Both will come to you because you deserve it!
11) "Thank you for giving us your time and knowledge that we utilize to a better way of life.  When I am ready to purchase, I will surely call upon you and your son because I feel that you two are very honest and in the business for helping people the right way, the first time around.  Because I do not know a lot (very little) about purchasing my first home, I need someone like you to guide me all the way."
Margie McNeil
10) “Kirill is a very dedicated person and I really appreciate his patience. It was an honor to work with him.”
(purchased for $240K + concessions when market value was $300K)
Aschalew Demeke     9669 DUTCHMAN DR, LORTON VA  Overlook Pointe
9) "Elena and Kirill are highly professional, responsible and knowledgeable. They returned every phone call immediately and also all our questions were answered w/ no delay. It's true Real Estate catering tailored to your personal requirements!"
Arkadii & Anna Litvin      MCLEAN VA
8) "We had a great experience working with Kirill in our search for our first home. He thoroughly informed us about the home buying process so that we were comfortable with each decision that we made. We ultimately found the home that was right for our family and our budget; We would work with him again when we are ready to move and we would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking to buy a home."
Naimah and Omar Muhammad     3809 Segundo Place, Alexandria VA 22309 Sequoyah 
7) "Kirill was a true pleasure to work with while we were finding a new home. He was friendly, helpful and personable. Kirill was very responsive to our needs and assisted us with finding a home that met all of our requirements. It was wonderful having someone to represent us and take care of all the details!"
Rebecca Erk & Courtney Fyfe     Arlington VA
6) “I was thrilled to meet such talented REALTORs as Elena and Kirill. They are extremely professional and constantly on top of market trends. They take a special interest in all their clients and work diligently to help find the right place for you. They are perfectionists and do not stop working until the job is done. Their personal interest in their clients is genuine and I am honored to call them both not only my REALTORs, but my dear friends!”
Laurie Vuoto     3101 N. Hampton Dr, Alexandria VA 22302 NorthHampton Place Condo
5) "Thank you so much! Good work!"
Kate Hurney 5505 Seminary Rd 709N Falls Church 22041 VA Skyline Square Condo
4) "Elena and Kirill did an amazing job and I will definitely let my friends know about your service. Hopefully, in the future I will buy another one and surely you are the one I will use. Thank you"
Ghada Alobaidi 5501 SEMINARY RD 1607S Falls Church Skyline Square Condominium
3) Thanks, Kirill. I appreciate your hard work. Regards,
Keith Oatman 5501 Seminary Rd 1113s SKYLINE SQUARE condo Falls Church VA 22041
2) During the whole process, I felt I had an old friend around and not just a realtor."
Samson Aredo 5505 Seminary Rd unit 2115N Skyline Square Falls Church 22041 VA
1) Kirill Gorbounov, is a very pleasant, knowledgeable, qualified, young, patient, active agent!
Dr. Sankineni Janardhan Rao     3600 GLEBE RD S 713W, ARLINGTON VA 22202 Eclipse On Center Park
0) "Elena was very professional, very knowledgeable and very personable. We were very lucky to have been able to work with her and have her on our side. We would definitely use her again if the need should arise".

Rosario Holbrook, Delia Velasquez, Erick Donis     3713 S. George Mason Dr. # 402 West Falls Church VA 22041 Skyline House

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