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YourSkyline, LLC is looking to buy any type Real Estate in VA, MD, DC.

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Are you behind in your payments?
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Are you out of the area?
Has your financial situation changed?

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Are you relocating?
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We can possibly even list your property on the local MLS system or even help you with an auction!

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We buy houses Virginia, Maryland and Washington real estate buyers have ignored. We don’t care about the condition or location of your house! We’ll make you a fair offer, right over the phone, usually within 7 minutes.  And because we buy directly from you we can usually close within seven days. That’s fast! You’ll get a fair price and we generally get the money to you within 48 hours of closing.


If you are engaged in divorce proceedings and must sell your home as soon as possible, Your Skyline, LLC can help. We buy houses DC, Virginia and Maryland owners who are getting divorced and need to sell their home in a hurry.

Waiting for weeks or months to sell your home is not an option when in the middle of a divorce. Your priority is to sell the house as quickly as possible for a fair price. You need companies that buy houses in Springfield, VA fairly and swiftly. That is precisely why you should call Your Skyline, LLC.

We buy houses Springfield, Virginia homeowners must move quickly due to divorce as well as houses that divorcing couples in Virginia and Washington need to sell. Because we buy directly from you we can usually close within seven days. That’s fast! You’ll get a fair price and we generally get the money to you within 48 hours of closing.


We buy houses Virginia, Baltimore and Washington homeowners must move quickly due to relocation. Because we buy directly from you we can usually close within seven days. That’s fast! You’ll get a fair price and we generally get your money to you within 48 hours of closing.

I Have Inherited and Need to Sell My House.” Worry No More, We Buy Houses in MD, VA and DC!

If a parent or loved one has passed away and left you with a house and mountain of bills, the last thing you want is to spend time and money trying to sell the home in today’s tough real estate market and find yourself asking over and over, “How do I sell an inherited house fast in DC, Virginia orMaryland?” Your Skyline, LLC has a simple solution. We buy houses Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC families have inherited and need to sell quickly for a fair price.

Because we buy inherited houses in Maryland, Washington and Virginia directly, you can avoid waiting for the perfect sell house fast program and the costly real estate commissions as well as the lengthy wait you’ll have to endure while the house sits idle on the market. Your Skyline, LLC can usually close a sale within seven days, and get your money to you fast. Nothing could be easier!

If you find yourself the owner or trustee of a newly inherited house that make you say, “I want to sell my inherited house in Maryland, Virginia or DC as quickly as possible,” call Your Skyline, LLC today. We buy houses in that have been inherited as part of an estate.


We often help people who tell us: “I need to sell my home but it needs so much work and I don’t have the money or time to deal with it.”

A house requires constant upkeep and maintenance to keep it in top condition. This isn’t an easy task with your busy life and tough economic times.

Houses that haven’t been updated in years often need lots of work. Most of the homes we buy require renovations that cost $50,000 to $100,000. This is what you can expect to spend on the most common repair items. The prices below are the mid point of a range that depends on the size of your home and the extent of the renovations needed. What does it cost to renovate a house in Maryland, DC or Virginia?

Repair Item


New Roof


Updated Kitchen


Updated Baths (avg. of 3 baths)


Paint Exterior


Paint Interior


New Heating and Air System


New Carpet and/or Repair/Refinish Hard Wood Floors






Finding a reputable contractor that will treat you fairly and honestly can oftentimes be a very difficult task. If you don’t have the time nor money to fix up your house call Your Skyline LLC today. In a few minutes we will provide a no-obligation cash offer on your home as-is. You don’t have to make any repairs. You don’t even need to clean your house and you can leave unwanted items behind. We will haul away your unwanted items at our cost. One less thing you need to pay for and worry about.  With one call to Your Skyline, LLC your home is sold. 

Sell Your House Fast and Get Fair Cash Offer

FORECLOSURE: Being behind on payments doesn’t mean you have to lose your house to the bank through foreclosure.

You have options to stop foreclosure:

  1. If you have gotten to the stage of the bank turning your account over to a trustee, the foreclosure process has started. If you can find the money to reinstate the loan the foreclosure proceeding will be immediately stopped. Reinstatement means paying the bank back the payments and interest you missed and paying the trustee any related legal and administrative fees.
  2. If time permits you can list your home with a realtor and sell before the actual auction date has occurred. This can be risky if you are facing an impending foreclosure auction, as the buyer may not settle before the auction date. If you have equity in your home you may not want to risk the countless things that could potentially go wrong and stop the sale. If the sale is stopped the chances of your going to auction are greatly increased, depending on when the auction date is scheduled.
  3. You can call Your Skyline, LLC at 571-276-0986 and get an offer in 7 minutes to sell your house and save your equity. We can reinstate your loan and even make a few mortgage payments, on your behalf, to save your credit. Foreclosure can be extremely damaging to your credit and you want to avoid it at all costs.

To get the process started, or if you just want some additional information on how to avoid foreclosure, then contact us today at 571-276-0986!

Foreclosure is the legal proceedings initiated by a creditor to repossess the collateral for the loan that is in default. In the case of home foreclosures, the creditor is the bank or the lender, the collateral is your home and default occurs when the homeowner misses payments on the loan for a period of time. Most foreclosures proceedings in Virginia and DC happen without the involvement of a court of law. This is because the mortgage or deed of trust usually contains a clause that allows the lender the right to sell the property. Once a borrower is in default, the lender starts foreclosure proceedings after sending a notice to the borrower that the terms of the mortgage or deed of trust have been violated.

The State of Maryland is a bit different. To begin the foreclosure process, a lender must file a complaint against the borrower and obtain a decree of sale from a court that has jurisdiction where the property is located. The court will then determine whether a default has occurred.  If the court finds a default, it will determine the total amount of the debt, interest, and costs due and present a sensible time for payment to be made. The court may order that if payment is not made within a certain time, the property must be sold to satisfy the debt. Before the sale date is set by the court, the lender is not required to notify the borrower of the pending foreclosure proceedings.

This differs from Virginia and DC where some type of notification must be sent to the borrower before any sale date is scheduled.

While the foreclosure process is different in the three jurisdictions, if the borrower does not pay the outstanding amount owed, the property will go to auction to be sold. Some states require public notice be given of the impending auction and some do not.

In DC and Virginia, the trustee announces the opening bid at the sale and may accept higher bids, with the property selling to the highest bidder. The trustee is an institution to whom the lender gives legal title to your home until the loan is paid off, in full. At the auction, if no one bids, the foreclosing lender will win the bidding with the opening bid. The trustee completes the necessary documents to transfer ownership of the property to the highest bidder.

Auctions are typically held on the courthouse steps or at an auction house, depending on the state.

In Virginia and DC, the borrower has no rights of redemption after a deed of trust foreclosure sale. This means that the auction sale is final and the ownership of the property will revert to the highest bidder and you will be forced to move from your home. In Maryland, there is no established redemption period for the borrower, but the courts can set a redemption period on a case-by-case basis. The lender can, but usually doesn’t, seek a judgment against the borrower if the sales price to the highest bidder is less than what is owed to the lender.

Again, while the foreclosure process varies from state to state it typically takes from a few months all the way up to a year, depending on the lender. The borrower has the option to pay off the outstanding balance and fees within a certain period of time prior to the auction. This process is referred to as reinstatement. This is one of the ways that a foreclosure can be stopped.

Another way of stopping the foreclosure process is to sell your home prior to the auction, thus paying off the lender from the proceeds of the sale. There are two options for selling your house – the traditional way and through a short sale. If your mortgage balance is less than the market value of your house you would go through a traditional home sale transaction. Your Skyline, LLC can make that transaction extremely simple in DC and Virginia. First, you call us at the number above or fill out the “get an offer” form and one of our local home buying specialists will ask you a few simple questions about your house. After collecting that information and doing our analysis, we give you an instant and fair offer over the phone. When you accept our offer we come out to visit your house, answer your questions and fill out the paperwork. From there, we schedule a settlement date that is convenient for you, and on that date we officially buy your house. Lastly, your house is sold, and you receive your money fast. No interviewing agents, no Realtor commissions, no dealing with contractors and repairs. Leave it to Your Skyline, LLC to handle the details.

On the other hand, if a traditional sale is not an option, due to your mortgage balance being greater than the market value of your house, the transaction will be a short sale. This is the process by which the bank or lender would agree to accept an amount less than what was owed to them. This has been a very common practice over the past 8 years as the value of real estate has often dropped below what is owed on the house. Lenders agree to do this because they know that they are likely to lose additional money if the house goes to foreclosure. As a seller, a short sale is preferable to a foreclosure as your credit rating is not impacted as severely. Selling a house via a short sale is a legitimate method for stopping the foreclosure process and allowing the homeowner to get on with life.

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We close deals with our own cash, so no matter your situation. If you need to sell quickly without hassles, connect with us… we’d love to make you a fair no-obligation no-hassle offer. Take it or leave it. You’ve got nothing to lose 🙂

From offer to close and cash in your hand in as little as 7 days

You can get rid of the headache of that property fast and avoid paying any more utility paymentstax payments, insurance payments, mortgage payments, you get the drill. If you list your house and wait 90+ days to close… you have to figure in all of the costs of holding that property during the time you have that property listed and are waiting for the property to close.

Don’t worry about fixing anything up or cleaning your house again and again for buyer after buyer

We don’t care how dirty your house is (we’ve seen worse!) or how many repairs are needed (a complete fixer? great! we love projects)... 

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