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Our Rebate Program

Your Referrals Can Earn You $500 (or more)!

Your referrals are very important for us. Only through YOUR Referrals we can keep building our business and consistently provide the level of service that ensures that our clients are always completely satisfied.  We sincerely hope you will tell your friends, family, peers and co-workers about our services.  You'll be doing them (and us) a favor because they too will receive the same excellent service that you have experienced with our home selling team.

TO THANK YOU for your continued support we will send you a Commission Savings Certificate, which reduces our commission by $500.00 on your next move, (one for each referral who becomes a client of our services).  

IMPORTANT:  Even if you have no plans to move and personally are unable to take advantage of this offer, you can pass your Commission Savings Certificate along to a friend or family member or someone who can benefit from the savings.

If you know someone who is thinking of selling or buying a home, please write us an e-mail with their information.

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*subject to lender approval.

Redfin Example

- Redfin advertises if one purchases a home that sells for about $625,000 the client saves about $5,310 (via a rebate).
- In 2014, for sale sides in its Falls Church office, the Redfin sales price to original list price ratio was 0.983. Last year, the Allegiance Arlington office sales price to original list price was 0.969. A couple thoughts may be gleaned from these numbers:
- Allegiance Arlington Associates are better negotiators than Redfin Falls Church agents.
- Working with Allegiance pays! While the numbers may seem similar, they are not. In fact, on an original list price of $650,000, the Allegiance client would save $20,150 off of the original sales price. Redfin clients would save $11,050. Even with the additional Redfin rebate of $5310, the Redfin client is saving a total of $16,360.

By working with an Allegiance agent, the client would have saved an additional $3,790!

- "Redfin clients are assigned to an agent. Do you pick your lawyer, doctor, dentist and accountant or are you assigned one? With this being the biggest financial transaction of your life shouldn't you choose whom to work with?"